10 Things You Only Learn About Your Partner By Traveling Together

Last Updated on September 11, 2016

Mexico’s stunning Riviera Maya

Our first trip together was a couple weeks relaxing in Mexico’s Riviera Maya and a couple months after we spent most the summer backpacking around Europe, we knew we really had something special and Darcy popped the question.

But lets face it, there are things you will learn a lot faster about your partner by traveling together.

We are total believers in traveling with someone before making a huge commitment. Traveling really does reveal a lot about your partner; a lot more than some people bargain for when they first start throwing out ideas about traveling with someone. Especially if you feel you’re moving towards a serious relationship, it is a good idea to have an adventurous getaway before making a big commitment. When you’re outside of your comfort zone, you and your partner will both find out a lot about each other. It’s hard for one’s true colours and hidden ‘flaws’ to not be revealed when you’re out of your usual element.

How you’re treated in tight spaces

It wasn’t until we did our first airplane ride together that I found out how 6’5″ tall Darcy responded to being confined in a small space, and how he reacted to me wanting to use the arm rest, or use him as my pillow. With his knees already pressed up against the seat in front of him, even though he was uncomfortable, I was happy to find out that he didn’t purposely leave me with just a tiny bit of wiggle room. Even though he gets a little frustrated by being so squished, he still maintains his super-friendly personality.

How long your partner can be bored for before turning into a snappy grump

With many long train rides and some long plane rides, it can take a toll on anyone as you try to find more ways to entertain yourself, and you eventually get grumpy. You’ll find out how your partner reacts after hours on end of boredom. Will you still be able to stand being around them after a long train ride?

How much you like your partner after being together for days on end

When you’re in your usual environment at home, you have so many other priorities that you cannot realistically be with your partner for every single hour of every single day. When you’re traveling, it is a lot harder to get away when you need some space as the travel plans revolve around the both of you, unless there are different attractions you want to check out alone, which is also totally okay. Spending so many extra hours with them though is sure to show you if you want to spend a lifetime with them.

How willing your partner is to rough it while traveling

When you’re stuck for accommodations, you can find out how adventurous your partner is. One year we drove the George, Washington to go to the Watershed Festival. With camping and the few nearby accommodations full before finding out we were going, we left for the festival without knowing where we would be sleeping. Luckily, we were able to find an unmarked pull off area where a couple truckers had pulled over as well and we folded the seats down and slept in the vehicle we then had, our Honda Element. At least in a hostel you would have access to the bare necessities, but I was happy to see that it didn’t phase either of us to just sleep in the car randomly somewhere.

How your partner really looks

It’s a lot harder to stay primped and proper while you’re traveling. In every day life, you’re able to take the extra time with the extra comforts around you to make you feel like a million bucks. When you’re traveling without the extra comforts, you’ll really be able to see who you partner is inside and out.

The Trevi Fountain in Rome

How your partner reacts to being in a completely different environment

Is your partner seemingly the same person, or do they clam up when in an unfamiliar environment? Do they welcome trying new things and finding out about different ways of life with open arms, or  do they shut down and try to insist on doing things a certain way? Being outside of their comfort zone, you can expect to find out both your partner’s positive and negative traits.

How your partner treats others

Since being outside of their comfort zone will bring out your partner’s positive and negative traits, you’ll also find out how your partner really treats those around them. Pay attention to how they act towards people they likely won’t see again, such as hotel staff, waiters, or flight attendants.

Communication skills

You’ll find out a lot about how your partner communicates when they are put into a new environment with a new language. You’ll quickly notice whether their communication relies on gestures and facial expressions or if they will attempt words without fear or care of looking and feeling silly.

Money management 

Observing your partner as you plan and save money for your vacation together can give you an insight into the way they handle some of the most important undertakings in your relationship. Are they spending money they don’t have? If you’re on a budget, how much of a budget do they really want to stick to? Are they going to go by the book, or do they shy away when bargaining about prices? Will they feel bad and just pay what is initially asked, or if there is room to bargain, will they have the guts to request a lower price?

Small surprising discoveries

Not all discoveries are negative when you’re traveling with your partner. But, it won’t always be sunshine and rainbows and it won’t always be easy. Who knows? Your partner may be a closet history buff, or could speak an impressive amount of another language. What you find out very well could just impress you!


What did you find out about your partner by traveling with them?