10 Ways To Make Your Next Travel Experience Memorable

Last Updated on April 30, 2021


Traveling gives you amazing once-in-a-lifetime memories that you can share with your family and friends. This is why it is so important to us to make the most out of the time that we have to create those memories. Keeping certain things in mind can really help you to create many memorable moments as you travel.

Of course we have had our share of bad experiences during travel, but looking back now, even if we wish we would have done something differently during those moments, even the not-so-funny memories are great stories to tell (once you can look back and laugh). It is when you don’t let those negative experiences ruin your trip that you are able to create those lasting memories.

Below is our approach to creating many, many incredible memories.

Make Your Next Travel Experience Memorable

Do your research

One of the most important things to do while planning your travel is to do your research. Find out all you can about your destination: the cities, the people, the culture, the weather, popular places, the food. We find that it helps to give us a feel for the place and can take away some of the anxiety that can be associated with going somewhere new.You do not want to land in a new destination and be completely clueless about what you want to do and see while you’re there.

Take a good quality camera

We absolutely love travel photography. Looking back at when we first started to travel, we didn’t have the best cameras. Technology has sure changed a lot over the years and a small point and shoot will even give you a way better quality photo than it would have ten years ago, but we urge you to go a step further. Take a camera with you that you know you’ll get what you want out of. These are memories you’ll have for the rest of your life; a good camera is worth the investment. Memories sometimes fade. A photograph can help preserve those memories.

Keep a journal

It may be old school, but when we travel I prefer to put pen to paper and write about our adventures each day before my head hits the pillow. It helps me to process what happened that day, and to be able to pinpoint my favourite moments. This could also be done on a computer, but there’s something more reflective to me about the process when I put a pen to paper. Perhaps this is also why we still love to send postcards as we travel. It feels more meaningful than just updating our Facebook status.

Explore the unknown

We like to take a walk around the city and explore the not-so-touristy areas and markets. We find the the “unexplored” areas can be the most beautiful and memorable parts of a destination.

Have an open mind

If you go into any travel experience insisting that you stay set in your ways, chances are you won’t learn much from the experience. Travel is a great way to learn about the world around you, and it is when you open up your mind to different ways of life, that you will truly grow and make amazing memories. Don’t shut down when something is done differently than you would have wanted. Embrace people’s differences and traditions and open your mind to learning something new.

Do something outside your comfort zone

This is exactly what gets my adrenaline going. I love feeling the rush I get when I’m outside of my comfort zone and the good laugh I get when I convince Darcy to get outside of his comfort zone (sheep intestines, anyone?). You don’t have to go Bungee jump from a hot air balloon or skydive to feel accomplished, though. Try something new you haven’t before, be it a new food or meeting someone new from where you’re traveling. Perhaps the destination you’re in itself is out of your comfort zone. You have to push beyond the limits you set for yourself to grow.

Look at the world in awe

We feel very fortunate with the amount of travel that we have been able to do, and the travel goals that we have and are able to set for ourselves. The bitter truth is that not everybody can afford to travel as not everybody has been given an equal opportunity in life. Appreciate every moment you have as you travel, if you’re lucky enough to do so. This is why we love traveling with our kids; it is a constant reminder to look at the world around you in awe. To appreciate everything you have seen and experienced and to look at the world through a child’s eyes is amazing.

Opt for experiences over posessions

We don’t bring home very many souvenirs anymore from our travels. While they are nice, we tend to spend our money on the experiences, rather than material items that won’t last the test of time. Souvenirs can be wonderful, but memories last a lifetime.

Be chatty

Try your best to get to know anyone you may encounter, from locals at the park to a waitress at a roadside diner. Locals know the area better than any brochure could explain and you will be able to hear stories firsthand  about where they live.

Remember that “memorable” doesn’t mean perfect

When you hit a bad experience when you’re traveling, remember that travel isn’t always perfect. If your plans change, embrace the changes and soon you will again be having the time of your life. Travel is what you make of whatever happens along the way; good or bad.


What are some tips you would include to make travel experiences memorable?