7 Reasons Why We Love Road Trips

Last Updated on April 29, 2021

Exploring the open road in South Africa

We’ll soon be hitting the road again to explore more of Oregon in April. I have been seeing so many advertisements about their “7 Wonders Of Oregon” that it gave me itchy feet and I’ll be taking the girls with me for a girls road trip getaway with my sister, Diana, and our (honorary) American sister, Beth.

When Darcy and I started traveling when we were younger, we thought that road trips would become a thing of the past. We were too cool to get into a car and drive around Canada or the States. To us, we had to hop on a plane, and getting on an airplane meant that we were going somewhere ‘important’. Now that we have snapped out of that stupid and immature way of thinking, we absolutely love road trips and the feeling that comes with being able to explore this huge and amazing world by car.

Since we’ll be hitting the open road, we thought now would be a great time to talk about why we love road trips. If we missed any reasons why road trips rule, please share your reasons below! 

The open road is perfect to clear your mind

It doesn’t matter what is going on in your life. As soon as you hit the open road, all of our worries and stresses seem to fade away (as long as the traffic doesn’t suck, that is). We love the feeling of being completely ‘free’ and being in awe of the continually changing surroundings.

Flexibility is all yours

You’re able to change your plans and stop at whatever you see that tickles your fancy along the way. Quirky photo ops, randomly following signs that look like they lead to something interesting, or you notice something in the distance that you need to see more of — whatever you decide to do is just a merge or turn away. Being able to be more flexible helps when you have kids in tow as well.

You can be more spontaneous

As touched on above with flexibility, when you’re driving in a car you’re able to be more spontaneous. You’re able to stop and go as you please and see whatever extra sights you didn’t plan for along the way. Spontaneity can make an adventure that much more fun and enjoyable. Expect the unexpected. There are so many amazing destinations waiting for you to stumble upon them, and a lot of the time, those destinations will be among your favourites.

Bonding with those important to you

As lives change and time goes on, it gets harder to make time to spend with those you care about. Our family continues to grow and as it does, our schedules get busier – even when we thought we could never be busier than we are now. A road trip presents a great opportunity to ‘catch up’, relive old memories and create a heap of new memories.

It’s a great excuse to make a new and totally awesome playlist

Driving the open road in search of adventure wouldn’t feel complete without some great tunes to listen to. The girls and I will be traveling with two other ladies just as crazy as we are, so I’m sure there will be some car dancing and weird glances from other drivers as we pass by. A road trip is a great excuse to bring out some old favourites as well, and perhaps some music that you would consider to be a guilty pleasure.

Do some crazy things

We’re still young (at heart, anyway), making a road trip feel like it is a great excuse to do some crazy things. I don’t plan on bungee jumping out of a hot air balloon or anything, but then again, who really knows what could happen once we are on the open road?

Gain life perspective

When you’re able to be in a new location each day, or within a few hours, you can really be exposed to different ‘slices of life’. With your mind clear of your worries, you’re better able to focus on your changing surroundings, the stunning beauty (hopefully) around you and gain some perspective on where you are in your own life.


Disclaimer: If you’re going on a road trip with someone, you had better make sure, as with any travel, that you have the same goals and level of fun in mind. If you’re not on the same page, you may be in for a not-so-enjoyable trip.