A Day Of Fun Around Downtown Vancouver

Last Updated on November 8, 2020

Even though we live near downtown Vancouver, we never seem to be able to get into the big city to explore as much as we would like. Darcy does work downtown, but being down there for work, or to explore and try new things obviously are two totally different perspectives.

We have been trying to patiently wait for our next trip that is finally happening THIS month, to NYC and we needed to burn off some of that anticipation with another adventure, so we packed up the kids and spent the day wandering around downtown Vancouver, for as long as our kids’ little legs could carry them.

Our adventure started with a Canucks game; Darcy is a huge hockey fan. Hockey games are great family fun and the kids love to soak in the atmosphere. At the young age of our kids (three under five), they could care less who is winning or losing. The kids are really just in it for all the treats and the opportunity to dance around and cheer when the Canucks score. It is so fun to watch their expressions. It was even Jacob’s first hockey game and to see him all wide-eyed was super cute! I loved seeing how excited Darcy was to introduce Jacob to a real hockey game.

Darcy walking with his girls to the game
Darcy so excited to show Jacob the world of hockey
Not bad seats to get in on the action! The Sedin’s have since announced retirement, so it was neat to see I caught them both in the Canucks box in this shot.
Easter bunny Fin!
The game was a lot of fun with the kids
Here, Madison, let me (Sadie) shove this ice cream in your face!

When we do get into downtown Vancouver, it always feels like such a blur. It must be because we live here, but in my entire life I have barely been downtown with a camera and the sole purpose of taking photos. I did concert photography and reviews (before having kids), but I never made much time to be taking photos outside of the stadiums and other concert venues. It was fun having a day to start to walk around and take photos of whatever interested us in the moment as we played tourist in our hometown. Hopefully by the end of the summer, between all our other trips that are taking shape, we’ll be able to make some more great Vancouver memories.

Here are some shots to give you a glimpse of downtown Vancouver:


Downtown Vancouver
Love walking towards those mountains!
Downtown Vancouver
Sinclair Centre (upscale shopping centre) and Vancouver Lookout
Admiring the fun windows in Gastown
Gastown steam clock
The famous Gastown Steam Clock
Gastown steam clock - Downtown Vancouver
The famous Steam Clock in Gastown – in the oldest neighbourhood of Vancouver.
Downtown Vancouver Gastown
It is rare to see the steam clock without swarms of people admiring it
Downtown Vancouver
A view from a Gastown parking lot
Olympic Torch - Downtown Vancouver
The 2010 Olympic torch during daylight – it was so neat to see it lit at night during the Olympics!
There are always tons of fun photo ops when you’re a little kid
Downtown Vancouver
The Vancouver Convention Centre and looking out to North Vancouver
Downtown Vancouver
A neat reflection on the buildings, notably the Vancouver Lookout, around Hamilton & Dunsmuir.
Downtown Vancouver
Canada Place and looking towards North Vancouver


Vancouver is such a fun place to explore and a lot bigger than most people assume it will be. We have lived here our whole lives. We always feel like we have barely made a dent in discovering all that there is to see in Vancouver and the rest of beautiful BC. Vancouver is an expensive city, but with so many options of what to do, you don’t always have to break the bank to have a lot of fun. Even just wandering around outdoors and taking in the sights will  give you a great feel for what Vancouver is all about.


What are your favourite scenic spots around Vancouver?