Photo Essay: A Helicopter Ride In Cape Town

Last Updated on May 5, 2021

Every day we were in Cape Town, South Africa, Table Mountain was closed due to unfavorable weather towards the top of the mountain, shutting the tram and mountain down. We were really hoping to get to go up the mountain, and we were hoping to be able to abseil down it. Since neither option would work, we decided that if we could not go on the mountain, we would see it from above.

It was our first helicopter ride and was most enjoyable. With stunning views all around, how could it not be? South Africa is absolutely gorgeous around every corner and offers some of the best scenery and sights in the world. We stared below in awe as we cruised around the sky in the helicopter and decided that there could be few better ways to explore these sights than from up above.

We did the “Two Oceans” flight with Cape Town Helicopters. The flight took off from the V&A Waterfront and flew along the Atlantic Coast over to False Bay, passing Fish Hoek to Muizenberg.

We were able to admire through aerial inspection the indigenous flora and fauna, the Twelve Apostles mountain range, the gorgeous beaches, stadiums, blue seas (including whales!), shanty towns and the many beautiful wine farms during our half-hour flight 2,000 feet in the sky.

It was a great flight, the pilot was beyond knowledgeable and while we were flying, he had interesting commentary and was able to point out all the Cape Town highlights as well as easily answer all our questions. The flight was smooth – no turbulence and not much noise because of the headphones.

On take off, you instantly notice the difference in how a helicopter feels, especially the small one we were in; it definitely was cozy. The helicopter sways as you lift off the ground and as the helicopter lowers back down. You feel like you’re lighter than air; it felt like we floated up like a balloon. It took a minute to adjust to the feeling, but that didn’t take long as we were greeted by gorgeous scenery as soon as we were up in the sky.

Take a minute to see how stunning Cape Town is from above. Believe us when we say that these pictures really don’t even do the beauty justice:

All smiles before experiencing something new
Getting ready for take-off
All we could say was “WOW”





Not a bad view from the front window!
Whales below – there were quite a few!
It was sad learning that many in the shanty towns aren’t there by any fault of their own.

capetownhelicoper10 capetownhelicopter14 capetownhelicopter15 capetownhelicopter16 capetownhelicopters15


South Africa is an amazing and beautiful country– A helicopter “flip” was the best way to experience Cape Town. It allows you the joys of a bird’s eye-view of the beauty that South Africa has to offer. As if we weren’t already in love with South Africa enough, this helicopter ride gave us yet another reason to fall in love even more.


Where did you experience your most memorable helicopter ride?