Photo Essay: Admiring Spirits of Iron

Last Updated on May 5, 2021

When driving from Elbe to Ashford, WA we passed some incredible works of art at the Ex nihilo Sculpture Park. “Ex Nihilo” is a Latin phrase meaning “out of nothing”, often appearing in conjunction with the concept of creation. Artist Dan Klennert has done just that —  he created a sculpture garden from scrap metal, fallen deadwood, bones, and other items. The sculptures are complex, creative, some comical, and some thought-provoking. However you see each sculpture, they all make you think.

The sculptures are absolutely incredible; we easily spent a good hour wandering around the grounds. The photos here will only show a small amount of the art as we hope to create a desire in you to see the sculpture park for yourself.

While there is no entrance fee, if you visit, please make sure you leave a donation so he can continue to make such impressive art for the world to enjoy.

sculpturepark2 sculpturepark3 sculpturepark4 sculpturepark5 sculpturepark6 sculpturepark7 sculpturepark8 sculpturepark9 sculpturepark10 sculpturepark11 sculpturepark12 sculpturepark13 sculpturepark14 sculpturepark15 sculpturepark17 sculpturepark18 sculpturepark19 sculpturepark20 sculpturepark21 sculpturepark22



Where around the world have you found a cool “offbeat” art attraction?