7 Amenities You Should Look For In An OBX Vacation Rental

Last Updated on April 27, 2023

When looking for a vacation rental on the Outer Banks, you come across many amazing ones, each one better than the other. But, while you may choose based on aesthetics, you should consider the amenities they are offering more. 

The right vacation rental will offer basic as well as additional fantastic facilities. Here are seven must-have amenities you should look for in an OBX vacation rental.  

Well-Equipped Kitchen 

A huge reason many people prefer vacation rentals over hotels is that they want to cater to themselves. It is part of the ultimate vacation rental experience. A well-equipped kitchen can be the difference maker in your overall vacation experience. Imagine being able to cook fresh seafood or other preferred delicacies over state-of-the-art cooking stations while enjoying the fresh breeze from the ocean. Necessary appliances, sufficient counter space, and essential cookware and utensils can help you prepare enjoyable meals for your friends and family. Moreover, dishwashers and disposals will ensure that cleanup is a breeze. Whether you’re a self-anointed Gourmet Chef or just an average Joe who loves to cook, a well-equipped kitchen will boost your vacation experience and ensure an unforgettable time. Therefore you must look for an Outer Banks vacation rental with a modern kitchen with all the necessary equipment. 

Cable/Satellite TV Or Streaming Services

Although you are least likely to spend your vacation watching TV, it is still better to have this option. This is an important amenity to have in an Outer Banks Vacation rental. This way, guests can have entertainment options during their downtime. After a long day of exploring the beach and local attractions and enjoying water sports, guests often feel like unwinding and relaxing in the comfort of their vacation rental. Guests can enjoy their preferred shows, movies, or sporting events from the comfort of their rental, thanks to access to a range of cable/satellite channels or streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. 

Swimming Pool Or Jacuzzi

The Outer Banks is known for its amazing beaches, but some prefer private swimming pools for more privacy and comfort. Having a swimming pool or jacuzzi is an excellent addition to a vacation rental if you prefer an intimate experience with your friends, family, or partner. Some vacation rentals have a pretty good swimming pool and outdoor area to relax and enjoy your vacation more privately. It gives visitors the chance to unwind, enjoy themselves, and do so in the privacy of their rental house.

Access to a swimming pool can provide relief from the heat. Swimming pools and Jacuzzis allow parents and kids to play and spend valuable time together. These amenities may also have health advantages because swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise, and a Jacuzzi may help relieve sore muscles and lower tension. 

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Speedy & Reliable Wi-Fi

To avoid being cut off from the world during your Outer Banks vacation, check for speedy and reliable Wi-Fi at your vacation rental. It will keep you connected with the outside world and keep your friends and social media followers updated about your fantastic vacation with beautiful pictures and videos. For various reasons, having access to a quick and dependable Internet connection is essential when choosing a vacation rental.

First, staying connected in today’s environment is crucial for personal and professional reasons. While on vacation, guests might need to check their emails, talk to their loved ones, or work remotely. Second, having Wi-Fi access can offer entertainment alternatives by enabling visitors to play online games or stream their preferred TV series, movies, or music. Third, having access to the Internet makes it simpler and more convenient for visitors who may need to look up nearby restaurants, events, or places of interest.

Basic Provisions

Choosing a vacation rental that provides the basics you’ll need to enjoy your stay is always helpful. Most vacation rentals will provide these items, but not all, so it is best to double-check. For numerous reasons, having access to basic necessities is a factor to take into account when choosing a vacation rental.

First, not needing to buy necessities before arrival can save guests time and money. Second, having access to basic provisions might help visitors feel more at ease and at home because they will know they have most of what they need to enjoy their trip. Third, they will have the cleaning supplies needed to keep the rental house tidy during their stay. Basic supplies can also guarantee that visitors have a clean and hygienic living area.

A company like Carolina Designs lists the amenities included with each rental, helping their guests know what they can expect. In their case, each home includes everything you will need for everyday living, like towels, bedding, soaps, kitchen supplies, toilet paper, and more!


During your vacation, staying in a rental that provides board games or even a games room can be a great addition if you want to spend quality time indoors with your family and friends. These are excellent to have for a great use of time when you are not out exploring the beautiful beaches of the Outer Banks or participating in fun activities. It can offer visitors ways to pass the time while not doing anything, particularly on a cloudy day or at night. Families and groups of friends can connect and have fun playing board games together. Additional activities for leisure that guests of all ages can enjoy include pool, foosball, and air hockey. These can be found in a games room. It can encourage social interaction for visitors to engage with one another and make new acquaintances if there is access to a games area or board games. These features can provide a reprieve from technology, enticing visitors to unplug and indulge in some traditional entertainment. 

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Pet-Friendly Facilities

If you are traveling with your pet, this is a crucial amenity you must confirm beforehand. Many vacation rentals offer pet-friendly homes. Still, you must discuss this before confirming your booking. It enables guests to bring their cherished pets on their vacation, which might be crucial for individuals who view their pets as family members. As guests may feel at ease knowing that their furry friends are with them and being taken care of, it can lessen the anxiety and worry of leaving pets behind. Finally, it can help guests save money on boarding or pet-sitting costs. It is also helpful to ask the rental company if there are any nearby dog-friendly beaches and parks to your chosen rental home


The Outer Banks is one of the most popular vacation destinations. There are thousands of vacation homes available. You just need to find the one with the facilities you need. Before proceeding, confirm these seven must-have amenities for a fun and relaxing vacation. While some of these amenities are common, some may be an additional advantage. Making a list of these amenities will also help you narrow your choice for an OBX vacation rental.


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