Experiencing A Safari At Arizona’s Bearizona

Last Updated on May 5, 2021


Bearizona was a really great way to have a close encounter and we enjoyed being so close to the animals, especially the bears. We loved having the bears up close, beside the car, with no fence in between us. It was also great to see other animals up close, such as wolves, bison, big horn sheep, and donkeys. The enclosures are set up in the forest, so there are a lot of trees. You drive through from enclosure to enclosure, which are separated by high fences and cattle guards.

After driving through the safari portion, there is a zoo-like area to walk around and we saw even more animals and birds, including porcupines, bob cats, foxes and beavers.  There were bear cubs and the young bear enclosure had us fascinated for some time; they cubs were very entertaining with their antics. Bearizona felt like a very clean place and animals looked well kept, though seeing animals in typical cages within the walking zoo-like area did pull the heart strings a bit, but always will after experiencing a real African Safari. But, that aside, we always felt safe.

It was a nice way to spend a morning and worth experiencing at least once. Bearizona seemed to be a new and growing park, so we think it will only continue to grow and get better. Plus, it’s more fun seeing a bear walk in front of your car than to see a bear restricted within a cage. Bearizona was not as large as a zoo, but was definitely just as fun.

Please do pay attention the safety rules and keep your windows up, especially while venturing through the bear area; they can get right up to your window while just “doing their thing”.




How do we always manage to catch animals in the act?







We loved watching all the bear cubs






Have you ever visited Bearizona? Any other drive through animal “safari” style zoo’s that you would recommend?