Beating The Summer Heat At White Pine Beach

Last Updated on October 13, 2020

The best way to beat the summer heat is to run and jump in the lake. We finally got a great heat wave in Vancouver, so of course, we ran to one of the best local lakes in Port Moody, Sasamat Lake (or known locally as White Pine beach) in Belcarra Regional Park, to take in some summer sunshine. The lake water felt so refreshing that we did not want to get out. I love that in British Columbia you really do not have to venture far to find a slice of PNW paradise — this lake was only a half-hour drive from our doorstep.

It is a rather small beach, so in the summer make sure you arrive early, even on weekdays. We arrived early at 9 am to some peace and quiet and within a couple of hours, the beach was packed. White Pine beach is perfect for families and kids – safe and well-kept grounds make it easy for families to enjoy the lake.  The sand is nicely fine and the water is warm under a hot sun.

The kids love to “swim out too deep” at this lake. Even I, a confident swimmer, put on a life jacket for that — if you have every done a baby swim lesson in the deep end of a pool with the baby in a life jacket and you without, you understand how hard it is to swim when even a baby with a lifejacket is clinging onto you scared. Make sure you are water smart, especially in the summer when you have kids clinging off you in the water, or have young children around deep water. Don’t be fooled making the assumption that just because they are in swim lessons that they will be okay; especially young kids. Swimming in a pool is different than a deep lake or ocean.

Take a look at the fun to be had at White Pine beach:

A happy boy swimming at sasamat lake

 a smiling girl swimming at sasamat lake

The refreshing waters of sasamat lake

The refreshing waters of sasamat lake
How refreshing does this lake look?

The refreshing waters of sasamat lake

A girl all smiles while swimming at sasamat lake

Mom and daughter swimming at sasamat lake

Mom and son swimming at sasamat lake

People relaxing on White Pine beach

Fun swimming in the water at White Pine beach
Siblings having fun!
Kids dumping sand on each other at White Pine beach
Jacob always finds a way to make trouble! HAHA
A little girl diva at white pine beach
Sadie the fashionista

Fun in the water at white pine beach

Fun playing in sasamat lake

Siblings swimming in sasamat lake

Siblings swimming in Sasamat Lake

Happy girl at white pine beach

Mom and kids at white pine beach

Young boy playing in the sand at white pine beach

Pregnant lady at white pine beach
33 weeks pregnant and enjoying every minute of that sunshine!
Mom and daughter enjoying the sun at white pine beach
Sadie was in her element when Madison and Jacob were enjoying their naps on the beach — she loved that she had all my attention!

A happy boy at white pine beach

Kids having fun at white pine beach


What is your favourite way to cool off in the summer heat?