Beautiful Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

Last Updated on September 5, 2015

Coeur d’Alene (pronounced core-da-lane) has the second largest metropolitan area in the state of Idaho. Named after the Cour d’Alene People, a tribe of Native Americans who lived along the rivers and lakes of the region when discovered by French fur traders in the late 18th and early 19th century.

Even though it sounds like a French Village, it is a lakefront resort located in Northern Idaho on the north shore of Lake Coeur d’Alene that spans 25 miles long, ranges from 1 to 3 miles wide and has over 109 miles of shoreline.Locally, Coeur d’Alene is known as “Lake City”. Coeur d’Alene is located 40 minutes east of Spokane, Washington.

We spent an afternoon along the lake and immediately fell in love with how beautiful the area is.



Coeur d’Alene is also now known for The Mudgy Moose Trail, created in conjunction with the City of Coeur d’Alene Parks Department to showcase the hide-and-seek game depicted in the book through a public art project. The trail begins at the base of Tubbs Hill and concludes at Independence Point, where Mudgy discovers that Millie was hiding close by all along. The 2-1/4 mile Mudgy Moose Trail along Lake Coeur d’Alene and through Downtown Coeur d’Alene features five life-size bronze statues positioned at locations where Mudgy pauses in his search for Millie.


Bailey Meets Mudgy Moose
The Lake Is Beautiful!


Where is a cool little resort town you stumbled across?