Black Mountain And Cabin Lake Trail At Cypress Mountain

Last Updated on March 11, 2023

Our kids seem to really love when the trails are more rugged, or we find that they get bored and the hike can become frustrating for us all. When trails are more rugged, there is more for them to observe and ask about. We found the Black Mountain and Cabin Lake Trail and since we had not yet been hiking at Cypress Mountain in the summer, we decided we would give this trail a try.

Where Is Cypress Mountain?

Vancouver is a beautiful city, and there’s no better way to enjoy its natural scenery than by hiking at Cypress Mountain. Located in West Vancouver, it is a short 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver to the base of the mountain.

The trails are worth the effort because Cypress Mountain offers some of the best views in Vancouver. On a clear day, you can see all the way to the North Shore Mountains and even Mount Baker in Washington state.

Black mountain hiking trail on Cypress Mountain

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About Cypress Mountain

Cypress Mountain trails begin near the alpine ski facilities.

The drive up the mountain is gorgeous as you ascend Cypress Bowl Road. Make sure you stop on a clear day at the lookout (Barrett’s View) for panoramic views of the city of Vancouver. It had been a while since we had been around Cypress, so we made sure to stop to take in the beautiful cityscape once more since we had a beautiful summer day. That view is always worth a quick stop!

The views are incredible, and the trails are well-maintained. The trails can get quite busy, so it’s best to go early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the crowds.

So if you’re feeling adventurous, head on up to Cypress Mountain and enjoy the stunning views.

Pretty mountain views hiking Black mountain on Cypress Mountain

Black Mountain And Cabin Lake Loop Trail

The Black Mountain trail winds through sub-alpine meadows, skirting the edges of several mountain lakes. Our 6km hike took about 3.5 hours, with four kids seven and under, and included a couple of side-trips to lookouts at the top. Yew Lake was the lookout that we enjoyed the most; so pretty and calm. Yew Lake was a great place to stop for a snack and to enjoy the scenery.

The ascent here is relatively short but rather steep. You ascend along with a series of switchbacks, higher and higher, and get increasingly pretty views of the surrounding Coast Mountains. The ascent is along a rough gravel path for the majority of the hike. There were some pretty and peaceful views as we passed each of the four mountain lakes.

Yew Lake at Cypress Mountain
We really enjoyed taking some time to enjoy the sunshine and have a snack while taking in the scenery at Yew Lake.

Did We Enjoy The Trail?

While we had a fantastic day spending quality time with the kids, the trail did not excite us enough to make us want to this Cypress Mountain hiking trail again. There are definitely better choices than the Black Mountain and Cabin Lake trail. BUT, we LOVE hiking with the kids and they did so great on this trail, especially because there were a lot of inclines all the way up and all the rough gravel to navigate.  It was a fantastic way to spend the first part of our day.

Alternate Trail Suggestion

For better summer views on Cypress Mountain hiking trails, the longer Eagleridge Bluffs Loop is better. If you prefer a ‘real’ hiking trail, instead of a rough gravel path, try out Hollyburn Peak from the Cypress Parking Lot.

Kid Hiking Black Mountain Trail at Cypress Mountain

Kids Hiking Black Mountain Trail at Cypress Mountain

Don’t Forget To Stop At Barrett’s View

As you enter Cypress Provincial Park along Cypress Bowl Road, there is a lookout point on the way up called Barrett’s View (also known as Cypress View). The lookout is named after Dave Barrett who was the Premier of British Columbia from 1972 to 1975. In 1975, Barrett successfully moved to protect Cypress Provincial Park from logging and property development. It is because of him that the park remains a wonderful year-round public recreation destination.

You’ll be treated to an incredible view of Vancouver that includes Vancouver Island in the west, over Greater Vancouver, and south into Washington state.

Barrett’s View is one of the most popular places to take in the views over Vancouver and the surrounding area. It is so popular because of its easy accessibility, and location just 20 minutes from downtown.  This location is especially popular at sunset with photographers capturing the sunset and the bright lights of Vancouver.

Barrett's View at Cypress Mountain
Make sure you stop on a clear day at Barrett’s View for panoramic views of the city of Vancouver.

Cypress Mountain Directions

The easiest way to get to Cypress Mountain is by car. From Vancouver, cross the Lion’s Gate Bridge. Follow Taylor Way to Highway 1, the Trans-Canada Highway. Take Exit No. 8 off Highway 1 and follow Cypress Mountain Road for another nine miles (15 kilometers).

Cypress Mountain Parking

Parking is free of charge, but reservations may be required during peak times.

Parking spaces are located alongside the slopes.


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