Bring The World Into Your Home: How We Have Been Enjoying Virtual Travel

Last Updated on October 13, 2020

Covid sure has changed the way people would previously jet-set around the world. In what seems like the blink of an eye, it has given the travel world a brutal blow. It really feels like there are no signs it will back off anytime soon. Most travel opportunities are still on lockdown until further notice.  The best people can do to cure their wanderlust is to “wander” online for inspiration for future trips. While it sure is nothing like the real thing, we have been keeping our wanderlust alive by enjoying some virtual travel adventures right from inside our home.

Plus, our kids have been experiencing some cabin fever. Even being stuck at home on the most normal of days can be difficult. Having adventure-loving kids that are so used to life being go-go-go, makes it that much more of a challenge as they ask over and over and over again when we can go on a “real adventure” again.

We have found some great virtual ways to travel that keep that wanderlust fire burning:

Exploring Countries Through iFit

Virtual travel through biking on my NordicTrack spin bike
Biking around Cappadocia, Turkey. It looks like a dream!

We are avid fitness lovers and it really has been a saving grace right now to have a NordicTrack spin bike. With their coaching system, iFit, we have been able to continue to dream of travel around the world as we bike through stunning locations such as Capadocia, New Zealand and Norway, to list a few. It is especially interesting when you have a trainer that knows the history of the area and you can learn a thing or two as you stay in shape, while finding new destinations that you did not know you absolutely need to experience once it is safe to do so.

Natural History Museums

We are HUGE lovers of Natural History museums. We could spend days there exploring and still feel like we need more time to learn more. The Smithsonian is on the top of our list to visit in real life, but it was pretty neat to be able to take a look around and see what we would be able to experience. There is so much of the museum to explore by going to this link. Search any other well-known museum and you’re also bound to find a virtual experience.


Kids running around with bubbles at Disney World
It’s never hard to feel the magic of Disney!

If you know anything about us, we are a huge Disney-loving family. There are not many places that we desire to go to over and over, with so many incredible destinations left to discover in the world, but Disney is one exception. There is a ton of Disney content online where we can feel a bit of that Disney magic through watching videos of various ride experiences and moments in the parks. The kids especially love watching their favorite rides like Frozen Ever After, Pirates of the Caribbean, It’s A Small World (because you know you want that song in your head ALL day), and Mad Tea Party Tea Cups; you really can find any ride on Youtube. The kids are already planning their next “real” Disney adventure, but to be fair, I think we all have been since our last day at Disney! For now though, enjoy the park’s magic from the comfort of your home.


There are so many great documentaries on Netflix and Disney+ that show off great destinations and incredible natural wonders. On one of my last treadmill runs, I watched a breathtaking Netflix documentary on the Grand Canyon. It took me back to some sights from our visit and showed me beyond what I was able to experience there. We have also really fallen in love with the Disney Nature documentaries, transporting us back to the feelings of a safari in Elephant and African Cats, helping us explore more of the underwater world we long to see with Dolphin Reef, and learning more about Madison’s favourite animal, Penguins.


Kids reacting to a paper mache volcano erupting
Learning about volcanoes is so fun!

One of the fun activities we did in qurantine was to build a big paper mache volcano and errupt it. The kids wanted to see it errupt again and again and again. Using Google Earth, we were able to see some of Costa Rica through exploring volcanoes: Rincón de la Vieja (nine craters and 32 rivers flowing down its sides),  Poás (the country’s largest volcano), Irazú (the country’s tallest volcano), and  Miravalles Volcano (the country’s lesser known volcano). It is so incredible what you can learn and view online; we have seriously got to explore Costa Rica.

Zoos and Aquariums

While feel that you have to take the good with the bad when it comes to Zoos and Aquariums. However, we found they really brought a lot of great animal content online. Our favourite zoo experience is that we have been able to view baby cheetahs as they grow at The Smithsonian zoo. Also, The Georgia Zoo keeps a “Panda Cam” livestream on its website. The San Diego Zoo has great variety, being able to switch between koalas, polar bears, and tigers. The kids have been absolutely thrilled with all they have been able to discover.

National Parks

Grand Canyon National park

We are an outdoor, adventure loving family. The thought of exploring National Parks and experiencing all the amazing wonders of earth gets us so excited . We have been visiting a lot of them from the computer screen and we have been going off the incredible list we found here for all of the links. We would love to visit all National Parks. So many National Parks blew our minds, even from behind a computer screen.

While we can’t hop on a plane and have had to cancel several travel plans, we have been making the best of it. Virtual travel may not be as good as seeing it right before our eyes. But, if it is the option right now, we would rather keep learning. Plus, we are positive that one day we will see it for ourselves. Why not use this time to explore more incredible destinations and find new places we want to experience?

What great virtual travel experiences have you had?