Cage Diving With Sharks In Hawaii

Last Updated on May 5, 2021



I am pretty gutsy. I like adventure. I like to try things others would run away from.

When Darcy and I first decided to go to Honolulu, I immediately knew that I had to cross off something from my bucket list; cage diving with Sharks. I was thrilled when I convinced my husband it would be a good idea for him to join in the action, too.


The cool part about this hour-and-a-half cage diving experience is that you need not have any experience with diving, but if you do have a lot of experience, you’ll have just as good of a time.

The Shark cage is really a people cage that protect Sharks from divers while allowing Shark divers to concentrate on the view before them. It is true, when you get into that cage, you are in for a real thrill. The poly-glass is just a quarter inch thick, allowing for a clear view through the deep (600 feet), clear, water.


You see the fish look almost as if they are having a seizure as they attempt to get away from the on-coming Sharks, thinking they will turn into Shark food.

With plenty of space to move around the cage, it is easy to pop back up for air, since you are using snorkeling equipment, and find another great spot when you pop back into the cage.

Black Tip Sharks are what showed up during our time in the cage. Most Black Tip Sharks are no more than 5.2 ft long, though some (rarely) may reach 5.9 ft or possibly 6.6 ft in length.



The ability to view the Sharks in their natural habitat was absolutely breath-taking. Though huge Sharks did not show up, viewing the Sharks in their natural habitat made us realize how amazing Sharks really are. You can’t help but be in awe of such amazing creatures and gain a new respect for Sharks and the ocean.

This Shark adventure has given us a craving to cage dive with Great White Sharks. We’re hoping to cross that off the bucket list soon!

(Update: We are able to go diving with Great White Sharks at Shark Alley in Gansbaai, South Africa)


Would you get in the water with sharks?