Calgary Tower

Located in downtown Calgary,Alberta the tower is 191 meters from the ground. Walk around the tower for a true 360° view of the busy downtown core, the Rocky Mountains and foothills.


Did you know?

    • First opened in 1968.
    • The original cost of the tower was $3.5 million in 1968.
    • The original name of the tower was the Husky Tower
    • The Tower was designed to withstand the elements (climate, high winds, shock, etc.).
    • Calgary is not an earthquake zone, but this structure was the first in the Western provinces designed to withstand earthquakes.
    • On a windy day the Tower can, and will, sway up to 16.5 centimetres or 7.5 inches and can withstand winds up to 161 km/hr.
    • There are two steel encased staircases with 762 stairs from top to bottom.
    • Take one of two 25 passenger high speed elevators that can travel to the top in 62 seconds.




A glass floor gives guests a birds-eye view of the streets below. If you aren’t terrified of heights, look below your feet for a view of what is happening beneath you.



 What observation decks have you visited that you enjoyed?