Canadian Cheese Rolling : Fall For One, Fun For All

Last Updated on April 29, 2021


We took part in the Cheese Rolling Festival last weekend at Whistler Blackcomb!

What is cheese rolling?
An 11-pound wheel of cheese is released to roll down a hill and everyone chases it at high speed, as they slip, trip and tumble on the way down (protective gear provided). The object, however, is to not catch the cheese. The cheese makes its way down the hill faster than most can run. Instead, the winner is the one who reaches the bottom first. In this scenario, the first two to finish each wave will go onto the final wave, where the top two winners are determined. The lucky winners get to keep a wheel of cheese, and get two ski season passes to Whistler Blackcomb. Due to the steepness and uneven surface of the hill there can be a number of injuries.

Where did cheese rolling start?
The English have been Cheese Rolling for centuries on Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire. The event at Brockworth is believed to date back to the 19th Century. Now Canada has developed its own traditional festival.

At first glance, the hill doesn’t seem too steep…


Debbie taking a fall like a champ!

So, you just chase cheese down the hill and that’s it?
Not exactly. Beyond the race, there are family activities, cheese tastings, games and seminars to learn more about cheese. There are other prizes to be won as well, so remember to costume up if you try it. Even the spectators seemed to have a wonderful time, and a really good laugh, taking in the cheese rolling festivities. After all, “Fall For One, Fun For All”.


Madison trying her hand at rolling cheese

The cheese tasting was absolutely delicious. Not being huge cheese snobs, we definitely learned a thing or two and walked away from the tasting with some new favorites. Red wine cheddar (Bothwell Cheese), anyone? The Smoked Salmon (The Village Cheese Co.) was beyond delicious as well. Also, anything with jalapeno is a winner in our books. Yum!





For the love of cheese, if you ever have the opportunity, try it! Anyone over the age of 19 is eligible to participate in the downhill race.

Would you ever run down a steep hill after cheese? What are some of the best cheese types you have ever tried?