Dancing Through The Tulips At Tulips Of The Valley

Last Updated on April 29, 2021

Now that we are getting close to welcoming our newest little traveller in June, we have been patiently waiting as we venture closer to home. We get bored easily though, so making sure we keep exploring is important to us. Tulips Of The Valley is in its eleventh year and this year relocated to Chilliwack, BC, a simple hop, skip and jump from Vancouver, giving us the perfect opportunity to go Dancing Through The Tulips At Tulips Of The Valley.

It is best to visit the fields at their peak blooming period. Vancouver weather this time of year can be unpredictable, ranging from warm and sunny to cold and stormy. We found it best to watch the website or Facebook page of the festival for the announcement of their best bloom time frame. From there, it was just a battle to find some decent weather. We were lucky as though there were some clouds, the sun came out and gave us some wonderful warmth to explore the fields.




The only frustrating part of our experience was the amount of puddles and mud. Living in Vancouver, this is not a surprise, but it sure made you slip and slide around as you walked the field. At the same time though, our girls sure enjoyed the mud, probably as much as they enjoyed seeing all the colours of tulips and taking time to smell the flowers. So be warned: you’re going to get muddy and you’re going to get wet. Also remember, you’re washable!

The girls had way too much fun jumping in muddy puddles. They were a mess after, but had so much fun being kids. It was such a joy to watch!


When you can’t get to the Netherlands, it is nice to have some tulip fields close to home; even if you’re not seeing 7 million bulbs on 79 acres. It may not be the most grand tulip festival we have seen, but it sure did it’s job filling our need for adventure, while tiring out our little travellers, too. It was a great way to welcome spring, and get our excitement rising for the summer! Plus, the sheer volume of tulips all blooming at once in one area is breathtaking. Every step through the tulip fields provides a picture taking opportunity.

The festival is running now, until May 7th. The parking lot isn’t huge, so get there early. Parking is free. We arrived for opening on a Friday morning and had the chance to take several photos before it became really crowded. Plan on staying a couple hours to really take in the beauty of your surroundings.

While at the fields we were also able to enjoy fresh Dutch Stroopwafels and there were also a few other food offerings from some local food trucks as well as fresh cut greenhouse tulips, potted tulips and photo cards for purchase.

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Getting close to welcoming our new travel buddy – 33 weeks, and counting!














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Where is the best tulip festival that you have been to?