Discover The Beauty Of France With A Paris-To-Nice Road Trip

Last Updated on April 28, 2021

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The driving distance between Paris and Nice is 578 miles, which equates to 930 kilometers. If you’re looking for an exceptional road trip itinerary within France, you’ll love what Paris-to-Nice has to offer. When you choose this road trip, you’ll drive for roughly eight to ten hours. It’s possible to enjoy some amazing stops along the way, depending on the driving route that you choose. This French road trip is one of the best holiday ideas around. If you decide to try it, give yourself a week to ten days to enjoy it. It can be done faster, but why rush? Read on to discover more practical trip tips and highlights.

How to get there

You’ll find that it’s easy to rent a vehicle in France. You won’t need special insurance or paperwork. To streamline this already simple process, reserve your auto online, ahead of time. Select a rental vehicle location that’s in a convenient part of Paris, such as Charles de Gaulle airport. Shop around for a safe rental vehicle that is equipped with a GPS system. There are trusted rental car companies in France which accept online bookings. Most tourists who travel from Paris to Nice use the A6 and A7 highways.

Trip highlights along the way

Your starting point, Paris, really needs no introduction. The City of Light offers endless pleasures to tourists, from the majestic Eiffel Tower to The Louvre, with its plethora of art masterpieces, to the glittering Seine river and beyond. Once you’re on the move, out of Paris, you’ll find that there are amazing pit stops along the way.

Paris-Lyon-Valence-Avignon-Marseille-Nice is a superb route that will allow you to enjoy some spectacular scenery and local color. Lyon is a bustling city that’s also a cultural hub. Valence is home to some striking Renaissance and Gothic architecture. Avignon features cobblestone streets and an authentic medieval fortress. Marseille is a famous port city. Stop and explore each city or region. You’ll get such an intoxicating taste of French culture.

What to see and do in Nice

When you arrive in Nice, you’ll be able to drink in the legendary decadence of the French Riviera. Head to the top of Castle Hill to enjoy panoramic views of the city. Another beloved attraction is the Nice Opera House. Take a walk by the seaside at the stunning and popular Promenade des Anglais. Shop and dine in the bewitching Old Town part of Nice. Soaking up the sun in Nice is an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy the freedom of the open road

Guided tours and public transit have their place, but they don’t provide the same freedom to tourists as road trips in rental cars do. When you travel from Paris to Nice in a rental vehicle, you’ll be able to go at your own pace and take detours if the urge arises. Now that you know a great itinerary and how to plan this type of adventure in France, you’ll be ready for the trip of a lifetime.