Sleeping In A Giant Beagle At Dog Bark Park Inn

Alan Levine, Flickr
Alan Levine, Flickr

Last Updated on February 28, 2021

When we came across the Dog Bark Park Inn online and saw a description of the place – who would really pass up an opportunity to stay in a giant Beagle dog, especially if you have a Beagle to bring along?

What Is Dog Bark Park Inn?

The Dog Bark Park Inn is a hotel located along Highway 95 in Cottonwood, Idaho. The hotel is built in the shape of a beagle, making it a famous landmark in the state. The beagles are called Toby and Sweet Willy, and are such a fun sight! Sweet Willy, at 30 feet tall, is the world’s biggest beagle.

Dog Bark Park is surrounded by agricultural prairie views, surrounded by rolling hills and mountains. It was wonderful to be surrounded by uncrowded streets, silence and the sound of bird songs, and a gorgeous starry night sky.

Dog Bark Park is also a roadside attraction, even if you are not looking to spend the night. Visitors can visit the dog-inspired gift shop and artists’ studio. Owners Frances & Dennis are always ready to welcome you with a huge smile and great conversation. The dog carvings at the gift shop are priced very reasonably for all the heart and soul they put into each masterpiece. We took home a Beagle carving as a souvenir and love seeing it every day as it sits on display. The grounds are also filled with amazing carvings.

Bring Your Furry Companion!

We fell in love with Beagles ever since we came across a litter of Beagle puppies while Darcy and I were trying to decide on what breed of dog we wanted to add to our family. Bailey happened to be born right on my birthday, which I felt meant we were to be best buddies. I immediately fell in love when we went to visit the puppies and Bailey walked right up to me, kissed me, climbed up on my lap, and immediately fell asleep. She had picked me, and that was the end of the decision.

We were thrilled to bring our Beagle to sleep in a giant Beagle dog. We were impressed by how clean the dog was since pet companions are allowed to join you. They use completely different linens & bedding for pet families, to ensure that any guests with allergies will not have any issues, giving everyone the best experience possible.

Reserve Well In Advance

Make sure you get your reservations in well in advance. Reservations open in December for the coming season between April and September. The B&B is a famous landmark in the state, so reservations fill up fast.

How To Find Dog Bark Park Inn

The Dog Bark Park Inn is a hotel located along Highway 95 in Cottonwood, Idaho. It is an hour’s drive from the airport (LWS) in Lewiston, Idaho. Other airports are a four-hour drive, from Boise in Idaho, Missoula in Montana & Spokane in Washington. Dog Bark Park Inn is also mid-way between Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks.

It was great to be able to pair the Dog Bark Park Inn with my Hot Air Balloon Bungee deal in Lewiston, Idaho, for a truly thrilling weekend.

The Dog Bark Park inn is also near the famed Hells Canyon of the Snake River National Recreation Area, popular for jet boat tours, hiking, fishing & more.

Cottonwood, Idaho really feels like it is in the middle of nowhere. It was interesting driving through small town after small town, seeing the population signs where some had less than a couple hundred residents. It felt great to drive through the small towns and felt like we were in the middle of wide-open spaces.

Parking & Wi-Fi & TV

Parking is free at Dog Bark Park Inn. Wi-fi is also included.

There is no TV when you are staying in the Beagle, and Dennis and Francis live off-site, so you are given a phone number to call if there are any problems. However, 24-hour service is not what Dog Bark Park Inn is about. It is a fabulous getaway, an escape from always being ‘connected’; a time to enjoy the simpler parts of life. It felt like we had our own little place in the country.

Incredible Hosts

The appeal of the Dog Bark Park Inn goes far beyond any kind of novelty value. Upon arrival at  Toby and Sweet Willy, the World’s Two Biggest Beagles, Frances & Dennis greeted us with warm smiles and wonderful conversation and stories. They, along with their companion Sprocket, are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. We felt right at home immediately and were treated more like house guests than paying clients.

Fun Furnishings

The dog was ours for the night and was furnished with everything you can think of “dog”, from reading materials to the wood-carved dog headboard and Beagle-Opoly. It was warm, comfortable, cozy, and tastefully designed. A nice night away from all the craziness and the fast-paced life we have become accustomed to because of living near Vancouver. You may assume that because the structure is shaped like a dog, that the interior space would have strange dimensions or would be cramped, but that was not the case. We found ourselves in a very comfortable hotel-style room, with an additional room upstairs in the dog’s head and a decent-sized bathroom.

Breakfast Is Included

It was wonderful to find the fridge stocked with homemade goodies, including decorated hard-boiled Easter eggs as we stayed over Easter. We loved their family recipe of homemade  Prairie’s Best Fruited Granola  – it was delicious.

Perfect For A Family Getaway

Take your kids; they will absolutely love it! It is definitely worth the drive and is an affordable option for a weekend getaway. For the unique experience, the price you pay truly is a bargain to have the whole dog all to yourself.

Above & Beyond

We felt that Dennis and Francis went above and beyond to make our stay memorable. We had to leave bright and early on our morning of departure, and they were completely willing to work around our schedule, which was really helpful as we had a long drive back to Vancouver.

Christmas 2012, we even received a card from The Dog Park Bark Inn wishing us well. I was particularly impressed as they remembered my bungee jumping experience and how I got too close to the heat of the hot air balloon and singed part of the front of my head of hair. Reading the card made us smile and hope we can get back there soon!

Hurry though, this dog books up fast, so make sure you book well in advance. After all, at Dog Bark Park Inn, sleeping in the doghouse is a good thing.


Where is the most unique hotel or bed and breakfast you have experienced?


Last updated February 2021.