Earning Money From Your Travels – Is It Possible?

Kevin Bidwell, Pexels

Last Updated on May 12, 2021

If you asked a group of one hundred people how they would spend their days if they came into a large sum of money, and were free from work, they would most likely suggest that long-term travel and taking it easy were at the top of the list.

This means that the desire to explore and to unwind in places that inspire us comes naturally to our spirit, and for this reason, it’s good to get out there (at least when the world returns to normal). But do we have to think of idealized scenarios to believe this possible? We’d argue that it’s more than possible to live a pretty normal life and still enjoy the most of travel, limited only by your imagination.


In fact, it’s actually quite possible to think of ways to earn money from your travels, full stop. It may not come immediately, but put the work in and express what’s so important to you about traveling – and people will listen. Let’s get started on a few tips for achieving this process:


Blogging & Travel Writing


Blogging and travel writing are excellent ways to make money, provided you contribute this writing to a platform you work on for months or years, and that you reach out to brands that may wish to advertise with you (or in some cases, provided affiliate marketing opportunities). Earning money from your writings can help you also format your online brand, using the best SEO and curating an audience that wishes to get your personal take on moving forward. These kinds of efforts don’t go unnoticed, particularly if you’re honest, prolific in travel, and if you care.


Video Production


It can be worthwhile to make a travel video for your online blog. Even if you’re only making small video logs on your mobile phone, most phone cameras are more than up to the task of documenting your world and making sure you capture the world in stunning detail. With free or cheap editing software, you can also make this process enjoyable and professional. Who knows? You may even find sponsorships, influencing opportunities, or the means to feed this attention back into your online brand. And as you’ll be providing the work necessary to see the world, people will wish to follow you.


Transporation Possibilities


Transportation possibilities can help you potentially earn money from traveling long-distance. With a free load board, you can bid on jobs with, quotes connecting you with potential clients can help you make the most of your logistical prowess, particularly if you were already traveling for a certain delivery regardless. As you can see, covering large swathes of land is not only a worthwhile enterprise for those look for recreation, but it can be healthy for people who may have been traveling for other reasons to consider their productive potential.

With this advice, we hope you can better earn money from your travels in the long run, and perhaps even prosper as a result.