Epic Hockey Trip: San Jose Sharks & The Vancouver Canucks

Last Updated on June 19, 2015


“Epic Hockey Trip” has always been pretty high up on my husband’s “bucket list”. Now, it has a big check next to it because dude …we did that (2011)!

Vancouver is always full of hockey mania. Regardless of what you believe from seeing the riot unfold in the media, that is not the Vancouver that us Vancouverites know. Period. Vancouver has such a strong love for hockey and the passion is carried through each and every day. Vancouver celebrates the Vancouver Canucks.

This last season, the Canucks were in the run for the cup. Though they only came SO CLOSE, Vancouver was so full of energy and vibrant, right up until the last few seconds of the game.

We figured, why not spread some great hockey cheer and Canuck love, but do it in San Jose? So, we did. Flying into San Francisco, where we also spent a few days, our suitcases were full of our Canucks gear and face paint to help us celebrate. It was an amazing feeling to be walking around the HP Pavilion stadium and see the absolute throngs of Canucks fans that had the same idea too. The section we sat in during the game was primarily Canucks fans; it felt like being at home, just with a few new surroundings. Lucky for us, the game we attended, the Canucks WON! Being around after the game made it that much sweeter.


After the game, Canucks fans gathered all around the concorse, cheering and chanting “Go Canucks Go.” The Canucks have the best fans ever; I’m not sure who could top this LOVE.

To top it all off, we had several messages during the game telling us “Saw You On TV,” and later found out that we were also shown on CBC’s Seeking Stanley hockey program (though we never were able to find a copy), as well as featured on The Province Newspaper website and in the new edition of the Canucks fan book “A Thrilling Ride“.

This was such a great experience. Who knows, if the Canucks end up with a playoff game this season somewhere like Nashville, that could be next.




Have you ever gone on a trip to support your favourite sports team?