Exploring The Best Of Autumn At Harvest Glow

Last Updated on October 17, 2020

With Fall in full swing and all the colour changing going on outdoors, Vancouver is full of vibrant colours everywhere you turn. There are always plenty of outdoor events to celebrate Fall and with two kids in school now, our outdoor pumpkin patch count for the year will be an impressive four! Still though, with all the rain we get in Vancouver, it was a nice change to be able to have the kids indoors and enjoying Fall festivities. Sometimes it is nice to not get soaked to the bone as we did at Madison’s pumpkin patch field trip. At Harvest Glow, you are guaranteed to stay warm and dry.

This is the first year that Harvest Glow opened its doors and it was such a blast for the kids. We explored the Christmas Glow that opened last year and loved it so much we knew we had to check out Harvest Glow. We went right when the doors opened after school one day to try to miss a lot of the rush. It was great to have the kids run free, swing on light-up swings, go through their indoor pumpkin patch, pony rides, mini-golf, train ride, corn maze, and the glow hopscotch before it started to really get busy. There was so much to do there that you could easily roam for a least a couple of hours, though you may want to plan for longer. We were there for just over two hours and wished we had more time.

Harvest Glow is the largest indoor fall festival in Greater Vancouver and is located in Milner Village Garden Center until October 31, 2018.


How fun does this Fall festival look?

An impressive pumpkin tree – the decor at Harvest Glow was gorgeous.
The light up hopscotch was a hit — the circles would change colour every time you stepped on them.
The swings were a ton of fun – for kids and adults!
Relaxing for some chill time
The girls love horses. Jacob wanted to go see them, but once he was riding it, he was pretty unsure.
What a pretty Pony!
Such eye-catching decor everywhere you turned
Jacob was beyond thrilled with the train ride. He was SO excited.
So much to see from the train
Jacob was also fascinated with the Bees in the corn maze, having to wave and touch them all.
Those pumpkins sure were entertaining with their jokes. I do not believe my kids actually understood the jokes, but they sure had some knee-slapping laughs anyway.
Cinderella’s pumpkin won’t turn into anything else magical until Christmas Glow opens next month.
You’ll never know how hard I had to work to get this photo…
So fun to bounce around on a unicorn or cow

Harvest Glow was such a good time. If it is back next year, we will be back too.


What are some of your favourite Fall Festivals?