Last Updated on April 30, 2021

Why bother posting your travel stories online?
We decided that it would be a great way to document our travels — for us personally AND the world. We love hearing travel stories from others around the globe, too. It is inspiring and is honestly the best way to learn about people who carry out life differently than we do. It’s fascinating, really.

How often do you travel?
We are always planning our next trip or excursion. We try to get out on at least two actual trips each year. If we could travel more, we would, but both have full-time careers. Hopefully someday a round-the-world trip becomes an option!

We would love to have you come stay and review our hotel/destination/tour. How do we contact you?
We would love to hear more about any opportunities available. We work really hard to promote each experience we have. Please email debbie@sdgtesting1.com/worldadventurists with even the smallest of inquiries!

When was your first trip?
Our first ‘real’ trip was to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico in 2006 after we had been dating for a couple years; we are now married. Neither of us did much travel before that point, but we have been addicted ever since.