Flood Falls Near Hope Is An Easy Hike For An Impressive Waterfall

Last Updated on June 17, 2022

If you are looking for an easy day trip from Vancouver, BC, be sure to check out the beautiful Flood Falls. Nestled in the Fraser Valley, these falls are a must-see for anyone visiting the area. With easy access and a stunning view, Flood Falls is definitely worth a visit.

Like Bridal Falls, which is along the same stretch of road, this waterfall requires little effort to see; yet it somehow is not as well-known as its watery sibling.

Where is Hope?

Hope, BC is located in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia. Just a short drive from Vancouver, it is the perfect place to escape the city for a day or two. With its stunning scenery and easy access to hiking and biking trails, Hope is a great place to explore the great outdoors.

The Flood Falls Trail

Hikes with lush green forests, rocky crags, and moss-covered trees are our favorite. Even on the hottest day, a heavily wooded trail with the falls flowing past the start of the trail provides a tranquil and cool walk.

If you are visiting the falls during the winter, the falls can completely freeze and is a popular spot for ice climbers. Try to visit in the spring; by the end of the summer, the falls can potentially slow to a trickle.

If you have kids, this is a great hike option as it only takes about thirty minutes to reach the falls. It is a short 1km hike with a great reward.

A Great Rest Stop

If you are driving through Hope, the short hike also would be a great way to get some fresh air and stretch your legs for a driving break.

Along this trail, you will notice that a few local artists have left art among the trees. So when you are strolling among the lush green forest, keep your eyes peeled. We also found a boot nailed to a tree, but have no idea if it is part of the intentional art.

Trailhead Directions

From Hope, use Exit 165 to leave the Trans-Canada Highway and turn onto Flood-Hope Road. Continue on Flood-Hope Road for 120m and make a right to stay on the same road. After 260m and turn left, where you will find the trailhead in 150m.

Attractions Nearby Flood Falls

In addition to the great hiking, there are also a few other attractions nearby that are worth checking out.

  • Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park is a short drive away and has some great hiking trails as well. The most popular trail is the Othello Tunnels, which is known for its unique railway tunnels that were built in the early 1900s.
  • The historic Alexandra bridge was completed in 1863 as part of the world-famous “Cariboo Wagon Road” which connected Fort Yale to the gold fields of Barkerville. Today, Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park has both historical and surviving sections of the Cariboo Wagon Road, as well as the historic bridge. With a one-kilometer, sloping trail from the parking lot to the bridge, it is an easy adventure.
  • Harrison Hot Springs – Harrison Hot Springs is a beautiful small town located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. The town is situated on the shores of Harrison Lake and is surrounded by lush forest. Harrison Hot Springs is a popular tourist destination and is known for its hot springs, which have been used for centuries by the First Nations people for their healing properties. The town also offers beautiful scenery, hiking trails, and a variety of shops and restaurants. Whether you’re looking to relax in the hot springs or explore the scenery, Harrison Hot Springs is an ideal destination.
  • Hell’s Gate Airtram – The Hell’s Gate Airtram is a popular tourist destination in British Columbia, Canada. Located in the Fraser Canyon, the Airtram takes visitors on a short ride to the top of a cliff, offering stunning views of the canyon below. The Hell’s Gate Airtram is a great option for anyone looking to experience the beauty of British Columbia’s Fraser Canyon.

More Waterfalls Near Vancouver

If you are looking for some other great waterfalls to explore near Vancouver, some favourites are:

  • Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park – If you’re looking for a breathtaking waterfall to explore on your next hike, be sure to check out Bridal Veil Falls in British Columbia. The falls are located in a picturesque forest and cascade down a cliff face into a pool below. The surrounding area is lush and green, and the Falls themselves are truly impressive. Plus, the falls are accessible with just a short 15-minute walk from the parking lot.
  • Gold Creek Falls – An easy hike in Golden Ears Provincial Park. Incredible scenery and stunning falls.
  • Holloway Falls at Joffre Lakes – The Joffre Lakes hike is one of the most sought-after trails near Vancouver and features an incredible waterfall between the second and third lakes.
  • Wells Gray Provincial Park – This one is more of a long weekend trip from Vancouver,  but Wells Gray park is called the “Waterfall Park” for good reason. With 41 named waterfalls, including the popular Helmcken Falls, you will not want to miss this park!
  • Shannon Falls –  The third highest falls in the province are not to be missed!

Whether you are looking for a great easy hike or just a place to stretch your legs, Flood Falls is a great option. With its easy access and stunning views, it is definitely worth a visit!


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