Getting In The Christmas Spirit Under The Twinkle Of A Million Lights

Last Updated on October 14, 2020

Christmas Glow first launched in 2017 near Vancouver, Canada, and since our first experience, we have been looking forward to Glow each season to help us get into the Christmas Spirit with a million Christmas lights. Glow has proven to be a fantastic event to take the kids to, full of so many light displays and Christmas cheer. This year, there are two locations in British Columbia that you can take in the festivities: Vancouver and Abbotsford. We chose the Abbotsford location to enjoy the magic.

It was fun wandering around and watching the sparkle in the kids’ eyes under the twinkle of a million lights. This year the theme is helping Santa’s Elves find “Santa’s Lost Presents”. The kids absolutely loved running around trying to find all of the reindeer after “the sleigh fell over and they got away”. One of the best parts of Glow for the kids is how interactive it is with the mission they have to complete. They LOVE it!

There were some impressive displays this year, one of our favorites being the hot air balloons. However, our favorite year so far is still last year, with the Trip Around The World theme. After our experience last year, it felt like we were not as “wow’ed” this time. Something was missing. It was, though, still enough to know that we will definitely be back again next year. What we did love about the light displays this year, was that you could sit in a lot of them somehow — the kids thought that was the coolest. Ever. Plus, the best part about Glow is that it’s indoors — so you won’t be freezing outside while taking in all the magic.

In Canada, you can also find Glow in Edmonton, Halifax, Ottawa, Saskatoon and Toronto, and in the US in Pittsburgh and Seattle. If you have not yet been to Glow, we urge you to go and promise that you will want to return again next year.


Take a look at some of our highlights from this year: 


Glow Christmas

Glow Christmas reindeer display
This is one of the first things you will see as you walk in the door — how cute!
Glow Christmas
You get your mission card stamped as you find each reindeer — Jacob couldn’t stop asking for “one more” stamp here. He was thrilled!
Glow Christmas kids fun
Mission complete — Christmas is saved!
Glow Christmas lightbulb drink
We were lucky to be invited to Glow as a guest, but as always, our opinions are our own.
Glow Christmas lightbulb drink
These drinks are so fun. The glasses even light up.
Little girls in Christmas lights
One of our favorite spots in Glow. So many lights!
Baby in Christmas lights
Olivia was completely mesmerized by the lights
Girl smiling in a frame lit up by Christmas lights
There were a ton of different frames for some picture perfect shots.
Kids at Glow Christmas with Cinderella and Belle
There’s always princesses wandering around — it is always a highlight to find them.
Mom and kids sitting in a Christmas ornament
My whole world
Hot air balloons lit up with Christmas lights
We were mesmerized by this display. Absolutely mesmerized.

Hot air balloon Christmas lights

Kids smiling in front of Christmas Lights display
Glow sure does bring a lot of JOY!

Kids looking at lights in a christmas light tunnel

Airplane lit up with Christmas lights

Snowman christmas lights display

Pirate ship and dolphins light display

Kids smiling in a sled

Riding in a little train

Snowmen Christmas light display


Have you had the chance to check out GLOW near you? What did you think of all the Christmas lights?


Disclaimer: We were invited as guests of Glow, but as always, our opinions are our own.