Getting Up Close To Birds Of Prey

I’ve been looking for a meaningful experience to take my Dad on after this last tough year, losing both my Mom and his brother. My parents used to have an aviary with budgies and my Uncle Ross loved birding. So, when I saw this experience with Raptors Ridge Birds of Prey, I felt that it would be a good choice to tie together the love of birds and memories. It was an amazing experience getting to interact with, handle and free-fly Hawks. I was so happy seeing my Dad thoroughly enjoying himself. We enjoyed it so much, that we were all beaming when we left.


Our experience lasted an hour and a half, starting with a tour of the facility to see many of their Raptors. We were then shown how to handle a Bird of Prey and were able to pick one of the Hawks to have our experience with. The property you visit for your experience is in the back yard of someone’s house, but with a couple acres of land, it was was a great, quiet environment and the Native West Coast Rain Forest on the property is gorgeous to take a walk with with Storm, Frankie and Victor.

My Dad enjoying the experience!


It was amazing to be up close to the gorgeous birds. Free flying the Hawks in the flying field was incredible as they flew from perch to perch between swooping in for their food. Don’t look too closely when the hawk is eating from your gloved hand if you tend to get squeamish, as the Hawk food could make you squirm. During our experience, the Hawks were fed parts of a baby chick.

A great walk through the forest
My sister’s Hawk wanting her to get moving again!


Karen was absolutely wonderful. You could really tell how passionate Karen is for these birds. We learned so much about Birds of Prey; so much more than we expected when we walked through the gate.

Know before you go:

  • All courses offered are led by a Falconer – Karen trained under a Master Falconer!
  • The experience is weather dependent. The raptors won’t be asked to fly in the rain.  A hawk walk is still possible in the rain, as the forest area acts as a great umbrella.
  • No pets allowed. At all.

Take a look at more photos from this fun experience: 

Beautiful Hawk getting some rays.
Stunning up close!
Look at those wings!


Each bird had such an obvious different personality!
Time to free-fly!
Swooping in for the food






If you’re looking for something different to do that isn’t you’re typical “tourist attraction”, you have just found your “off the beaten path” activity that you’re sure to enjoy!

What bird would you like to have an up-close encounter with?