Glamping In A Geodesic Dome On BC’s Sunshine Coast

Last Updated on November 30, 2020

We could not bare to say goodbye to summer yet, so we figured that we should end summer in beautiful British Columbia with a great outdoor family adventure. Glamping on the Sunshine Coast sounded like a perfect ending. The Sunshine Coast is only a short 40 minute ferry ride from the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal in West Vancouver. It is so accessible and such a slice of Pacific Northwest paradise.

We had a great time adventuring around the Sunshine Coast, enjoying our time together in nature. British Columbia always has surprises around every corner and the Sunshine Coast was no exception.

Take a look at the highlights: 

Glamping on the Sunshine Coast

We are always up for unique accommodation and these Geodesic Domes in Egmont, BC for simple ‘Glamping’ really seemed like they would be a cool experience and they sure did not disappoint. As soon as we opened the door and saw the view out the bay window that faced the water, we knew we were in for a special experience. The Dome was quite spacious inside with a queen bed, side tables and a little sitting area.

We had fold out mattresses for the floor for the kids and they sure loved it. They loved the idea of ‘glamorous camping’, and the fact that the little space heater provided also kept them nice and toasty warm all night. As you can see in some of the photos below, the kids made themselves right at home and had a blast.

There were washrooms and a couple of showers right near the Domes, it just took a minute to walk there. The flushing toilets and a public shower were camping style, but all you need to be able to freshen up. It was great to have that luxury, especially with a potty training two-year-old toddler.

The first day was overcast and the view did not even disappoint then, but there was nothing like seeing the sight out the bay window when the sky cleared half way through our stay and the blue sky and sunshine accentuated the beauty in “our own backyard.” It was one of those moments where we once again realized how blessed we are to call beautiful British Columbia home.

Take a look inside:

Glamping on the sunshine coast

Glamping on the Sunshine Coast

Glamping on the Sunshine Coast

Glamping on the Sunshine Coast

Glamping on the Sunshine Coast

Glamping on the Sunshine Coast

Glamping on the Sunshine Coast

Glamping on the Sunshine Coast



Kids enjoying glamping

Kids enjoying glamping


Glamping on the Sunshine Coast


Glamping on the Sunshine Coast
Glamping on the Sunshine Coast in a Geodesic Dome
Glamping on the Sunshine Coast
How cozy does the interior look?


Glamping on the Sunshine Coast
Would you sleep in one of these? They are much more spacious than they look from the outside.
Glamping on the Sunshine Coast
How neat are these Geodesic Domes?


A Kayaking Adventure

There are so many natural wonders to experience close by the Backeddy Resort. There is a boat launch at the Resort, where a kayaking and eco experiences company, Metta Eco Experiences, runs from the Resort grounds. I had a great opportunity to go on a kayak tour and felt amazing after getting to have such a connection with nature. It is incredible how nature can energize you. The tour guide and Metta owner, Greg, was a wonderful guide. He is so knowledgeable about the world around him and our conversation was very enlightening.

Take a look below at exactly how close these glamping domes are to the waters edge. How neat is that?





Hiking Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park

A few minute drive from the Resort in Edgmont  is Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park. The park was established in 1957 and is home to one of the coolest phenomenon you’ll find anywhere in British Columbia; the mighty Sechelt Rapids. The word ‘Skookumchuck’ comes from the Chinook language and means ‘strong water’. Once you see the phenomenon, you’ll think that the word is an understatement. Twice each day as the tide changes, an incredible torrent of water pours through the narrows between the Georgia Strait and the Jervis Inlet. Speeds can exceed 30km/h and the rapids are known for their spectacular whirlpools and whitewater.

This trip was the first where we tried hiking with the kids without a stroller and we were amazed at how well they did at ages 4 and 2. We did get a great workout too, because their little legs needed a break once in a while, so we ended up taking turns carrying them on our shoulders, as well as wearing Jacob in the baby carrier. It was a pretty easy hike with a well-defined path. It is not stroller or wheelchair accessible if you plan on seeing the Sechelt Rapids.

We touch more on this hiking experience in this post: Photo Essay: One Of The Coolest Phenomenon You’ll Find In BC




On the road coming down to the Backeddy Resort, we were lucky to see these guys hanging around. We love seeing any wildlife as we explore. These Black-Tailed Deer kept a close eye on us, but stayed around long enough for a few photos. The chance of seeing wildlife is one of the most exciting things about getting out into nature.




The Backeddy Pub

There is not much nearby the Resort for food options without doing the drive towards Sechelt (other than resort restaurants), but we didn’t mind because one taste of the food at the Backeddy Pub and we were hooked. The girls had Grill Cheese and Hamburgers with fries and Darcy and I shared Backeddy Nachos, Baked BC Dungeness Crab Rotini, a Louisa Burger and Beer Battered Fish and Chips. The first meal was so delicious that we had to go back for a second meal the next night. They have a separate family area and we loved that there were actual options our kids would willingly devour. We just wish we were not so full each night and had room to try some dessert. Next time!

Seriously, how delicious does this food look? I bet it will make you hungry:


Baked BC Dungeness Crab Rotini
Beer Battered Fish and Chips
Hamburger Kids Meal
Backeddy Nachos
Louisa Burger
Grilled Cheese Kids Meal

We genuinely enjoyed our time at the Backeddy Resort and loved all the outdoor options we could take part in. It was a great family getaway and would also be fabulous for a romantic adventure. We loved that we were out of cell phone range and while there was a little wi-fi, we felt that was a sign that we just needed to disconnect and spend time as a family without screens in our faces. It was glorious.

Even if you don’t want to go glamping in a geodesic dome on the Sunshine Coast, there are fantastic cabin options available that looked cozy as well.


BC Ferries Tip: The fare is only applicable when boarding from Horseshoe Bay in Vancouver. You do not have to pay for the return ride. The ferry is considered to be an essential service, since it is the only way to transfer a vehicle off the peninsula.


Where have you had a cool ‘glamping’ experience?



Disclaimer: Our visit was sponsored by The Backeddy Resort, but as always, our opinions are our own.