One Last Summer Hurrah Camping At Golden Ears

Last Updated on June 20, 2022

We spent quite a bit of time camping this summer, with a total of three camping trips! We started with some time at Birkenhead Lake in Pemberton, and some time camping as we went waterfall chasing within Wells Gray Provincial Park in Clearwater. For our final camping trip at the end of summer, we found ourselves at Golden Ears Provincial Park.

Our three-year-old son, Jacob, woke up for a week straight, asking me “Mommy, can we go ‘camp-innn’?” (in the cutest three-year-old voice ever), fuelling the inspiration to find another spot for one final summer camping adventure. We have been camping in Golden Ears Provincial Park a few times, and while I like to keep going to new places, it is really gorgeous there. Golden Ears Provincial Park is a perfect place for a swim. I know the kids love it, so I found a spot at a different campground (Gold Creek) to switch up the scenery a bit, and off we went.

Kids on a pizza floatie at Alouette Lake at Golden Ears Provincial Park

Alouette Lake at Golden Ears Provincial Park

Alouette Lake at Golden Ears Provincial Park
After we had set up camp we walked down to the lake, to figure out how to get there from the new campground. I wasn’t anticipating the kids going in the water yet, but I of course should know better …. at least they took off their shoes. 🤣
Cute baby at alouette lake at Golden Ears Provincial Park
Olivia is such a happy baby.

Gold Creek Campground

We liked how spacious the campsites were at the Golden Ears Gold Creek campground, with large sites, but the sites were quite open. It was not very heavily forested between the sites, so you could see the campsites all around you (no privacy) and as people wandered their sites and down the road, it felt like they were walking right through your campsite. However, it was still worth it for some swim time at the gorgeous Alouette Lake.

Camping and swimming in Alouette Lake was a perfect way to have one last hurrah to finish off summer adventures. We never want summer to end, but it was a great way to welcome the changing of the seasons. It was a hot weekend, but the walk in the forest down to the lake was especially a great reminder that the seasons were indeed changing.

Forest exploring at Golden Ears Provincial Park

Alouette Lake

Alouette Lake in Golden Ears Provincial Park is a great place to go swimming. The water is clean and refreshing, and the views are simply stunning. If you are enjoying the lake just for the day, there are also plenty of amenities nearby, including picnic tables, making it the perfect spot for a family outing. Best of all, the lake is located just a short drive from Vancouver, making it easily accessible for city dwellers. So if you’re looking for a great place to take a dip, be sure to check out Alouette Lake. You won’t be disappointed!

Alouette Lake sure is calm in the morning, when it isn’t flocked with crazy kids living their best lives, splashing around.

Aerial Lake view at Golden Ears Provincial Park
An absolutely perfect early morning to have some peace and quiet at the lake

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Alouette Lake views at Golden Ears Provincial Park

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Food Just Tastes Better Outside

Have you ever noticed that food just tastes better when you’re outdoors? There’s something about the fresh air and the wide-open spaces that makes everything taste a little bit better. Even the simplest of meals can be infinitely more enjoyable when you’re enjoying them in the great outdoors.

There’s just something about being outside that makes everything taste better. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re surrounded by nature, or maybe it’s the novelty of eating in a different setting. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that food just tastes better when you’re outdoors.

Cooking camp food at Golden Ears Provincial Park
I love cooking, but I especially love cooking when we are camping. There’s just something about cooking food outdoors on a camping stove or camp fire. It always tastes amazing. Here, I was making tacos!

Roasting hot dogs at Golden Ears Provincial Park

Getting water at Golden Ears Provincial Park
Making the kids earn their keep. Getting water to do the dishes. They all had to take their own containers and came back with more water on them than in the buckets.
Kid filling water at campsite at Golden Ears Provincial Park
Sadie did not seem to mind that she was wearing so much of the water.

It Isn’t Camping Without S’mores

There’s something about sitting around a campfire that just makes s’mores taste better. Maybe it’s the crackling of the flames or the way the marshmallows get all toasty and gooey. Whatever the reason, s’mores are an essential part of any camping trip. After all, what’s camping without roasting marshmallows and making memories with friends and family?

Whatever the reason, s’mores are an essential part of any camping trip. So if you’re planning a camping trip, be sure to pack the marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers!

Find out more about making the perfect s’mores at our post: Make the Best Campfire S’mores: Tips and Tricks for Perfection

S'mores at Golden Ears Provincial Park
When I asked the kids what they wanted for camping, Jacob said he wanted Smarties with his s’mores. There is no reasoning with a three-year-old, so we bought smarties and had an interesting time using them with s’mores.
S'mores at Golden Ears Provincial Park
Caramilk and Smarties s’mores

Campsite Games

One way to make the most of your trip is to bring along some fun games and activities. For example, you can pack a Frisbee or some other kind of ball for a game of catch. If you have younger children, consider bringing along some coloring books or activity sheets. And don’t forget the classic camping favorites like s’mores and ghost stories! By planning ahead and bringing some fun activities, you can be sure that your camping trip will be one that your family will always remember.

Kid playing with a Skip-it at Golden Ears Provincial Park
The girls really have gotten good at their skip-its.
Kid playing with a skip-it at Golden Ears Provincial Park
The girls spent so much time perfecting their skip-it technique. Jacob tried but he is a little young to do it properly, though it was cute watching him try.

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Staying at the Golden Ears Gold Creek Campground got us more time at our beloved Alouette Lake. However, given the choice, we would much rather camp at the Alouette Lake campground for some extra privacy. It is nice to stay at a campsite that is more heavily forested between the campsites. It was still wonderful to get outdoors for one last hurrah of summer though, and this campground gave us a great experience.

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