Learning Hawaiian Tradition At Germaine’s Luau In Honolulu

Last Updated on June 19, 2015


Visiting Hawaii without going to a ‘traditional’ luau is like going to Vegas without taking a stroll down the Vegas strip.

Serving Hawaii’s malihini (guests) and kama’aina (locals), visitors receive an authentic experience of Hawaiian life through Hawaiian performances, and of course, with a few fun crowd-interactions tied in. The professional part of the show was excellent and the entertainers were great in their traditional Hawaiian song and dance. The dances and costumes were gorgeous.



A Luau is meant to celebrate the culture and history of the island and to help preserve each special quality that makes Hawaii so unique. Time-honored ceremonies accompany the event, including unearthing the roast pig.

After some initial dancing while guests got their drinks, we were invited to come to the area where they open the pit where the pig was roasting. Some interesting cultural background accompanies the opening of the pit, and removal of the chicken wire encased roasted pig, which is eventually carried off to be cut up and served with the rest of the food.

We chose to attend Germaine’s Luau, which was located at the ocean’s edge, under palm trees,the night sky and stunning sunset.


The meal was what they called a “multi-course American Hawaiian Buffet,” with traditional island dishes, such as “Kalua Pig (Roasted Pig),” “Poi (Taro Potato)” and “Haupia (Coconut Pudding),” as well as continental options for the “Plain Jane”.

The food was fair. At the end of dinner we were full,  but found the food quality was not what we expected it would be. It tasted like food that had been made in mass quantities and it lacked a lot of seasoning and flavour.




The celebrations really began once we had our food and it was dark. They used their lighting to good effect as they did numbers from various Island cultures. We thought that the fire dance was especially impressive, the costumers  worn by the performers were beautiful and the dancing was very good and very entertaining.

It was a great experience getting to take part in the Hawaiian Culture, on a more traditional level.  The performances of song and dance added a festive note and provided a rounded experience of Hawaiian culture.


Have you ever experienced a Luau?