Hiking Robberg Nature Reserve In South Africa

Last Updated on March 14, 2016

Robberg has incredible scenery with views over shoreline and sea. The Robberg Hiking Trail is probably one of the most popular and well known trails in the Plettenburg Bay, South Africa area and is stunningly scenic. The trail follows along the Robberg peninsula with two shorter variations available, ranging from an easy to moderate hike.

We were lucky to get some local advice about The Robberg hiking trail. Otherwise, we would never have known it existed. One of the first comments the local made about the hike was that the path can be a steep, rocky slope and has a sheer drop from the path. Take care not to go too close to the edge of the cliff. As you hike up, at times you feel like you are walking on the very edge and it can be a little nerve-racking.

The local also mentioned that the hike really is special. Unless you do the hike, you won’t be able to understand what that means. But, once again, he was right. It was special. It was amazing.

We loved the trail that offered cliffs, beaches, sand dunes, scenery, a geology lesson along the way and gorgeous flora and fauna.

Robberg is the ideal vantage point for whales and dolphins. We saw SO MANY dolphins jumping around in the water and could hear and smell the seals from what felt like miles away. It was fabulous (well, not the smell)!

There are three route options:

  1. Walk to The Gap and back to the car park – 2km.
  2. Walk to The Witsand sand dune, down to The Island and back around – 5.5km.
  3. The round trip via The Point is 9.2km and takes four hours or more. Not recommended for young children. We did this one.

Safety Tips

  • Water, hiking shoes and hats are essential.
  • Take the sign warning noting the extreme danger of unstable sand on the north side of Robberg seriously.
  • Stay as far away from the edge as possible.
  • We classified the hike as moderate. We did not find it difficult, but if you are not in shape, perhaps one of the smaller hikes would be better for you to try first.



Please note that you must get a permit at the entrance to do the hike and must also pay a small fee to enter.

Trust us, it is money well spent.

Where was the most stunning hike you did?