Bungee Jumping From A Hot Air Balloon

Last Updated on April 29, 2021

Why go up in a perfectly good hot air balloon and jump off it? Because the setting is perfectly scary.

I still get a buzz thinking of it and I am so glad I had the experience.

Imagine waking up early to crystal-blue morning air as the sun rises, then being taken up 150 feet in a hot air balloon, and jumping out of the hot air balloon, falling within feet of the ground and then being shot back up skyward again, on repeat, until you’re hanging from the balloon as it lowers to the ground. That’s exactly what bungee jumping from a hot air balloon is like.

Trying to have patience while waiting

I jumped backwards from a couple hundred feet up in the air. While having been bungee jumping before (twice), I have always jumped forward and from a surface that was stable, whereas the hot hair balloon was swaying beneath my feet.

There’s something about jumping forward that gives you a fake sense of control; probably because you can see what is going on.

Not being able to see what was happening scared me, but I did it! I jumped backwards!

I am addicted to the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach during a free fall. It is an exhilarating and life-threatening event.

balloonbungeeidaho_05 balloonbungeeidaho_06

Bungee jumping is certainly not for everyone.

It is that HUGE rush of adrenaline that makes me feel alive.

You only live once. Why not enjoy it?

At the end of the bungee cord as you fall, you bounce at the end of the cord like a yo-yo, each bounce getting smaller until you’re hanging from the rope without a bounce.

Going up!

A great jump, but negative experience…

I had a horrible time dealing with Adventurist Air in Idaho and ZOZI, who I booked this experience through.

Adventurist Air was extremely hard to get a hold of (took  two weeks of emails and messages) until I got a reply, making me uneasy about the experience at the beginning.  They never answer their phone, use the phone line strictly for voice-mails that they never return. It was not until ZOZI called the owner and asked what was going on that I got a call. ZOZI did not seem to be a very well managed company either as they too barely answer their phone and it takes seriously forever to get an email back.


Update: Adventurist Air is now out of business after many, may similar complaints.

Included with the deal was one night at the Red Lion hotel in Lewiston Idaho,  a t-shirt and photo from Adventurist air. My husband, Darcy, took photos (I couldn’t get him to jump), so I was not concerned about the photo and have not asked for it since, but I did ask for the free t-shirt. I would love to walk around and show the world what I did. They had “forgotten” the shirts, so I gave my address at the jump site and was told they would mail me a t-shirt. A month later, and a couple emails later as a reminder (they replied to the first email saying the shirt was on its way), still no shirt.

ZOZI had not sorted out details of payment with the hotel, as I had pre-paid ZOZI for everything. Still, I arrived home to an almost $550 charge on my credit card. Since this was not resolved, it kept charging my account for the room several nights in a row before it somehow was cut off. The hotel was great and refunded the money, but the reverse in exchange rate, though they refunded the right amount in US currency, left me $35 short in CDN. I called to have them contact ZOZI and figure out how I am getting the difference back, but they too have not returned my last two calls.

I did it!

While this was a great experience as I conquered a fear I did not know I had (jumping backwards, unable to see below me), I wouldn’t recommend purchasing from either company unless they start to understand how to run a business.

On second thought, maybe it isn’t the “sense of control” that scared me about jumping backwards. Maybe it was the fact that after all the running around to book this, it took a little more nerve to jump when all the chaos made me feel less safe than I should have. Most people would have taken the difficulty of arranging such an event as a sign to not so something so crazy; I just wanted to do this bad enough.

Besides the unfortunate customer service, would I bungee again from a hot air balloon?


Idaho is an overall great place for adventures. With so many outdoor possibilities, it provides a relaxing, scenic getaway. The following evening after the bungee jump was fabulous and spent in Cottonwood, Idaho at Dog Bark Park Inn.  The owners of the unique bed and breakfast are some of the nicest people you’ll meet in your travels!



Does the thought of the balloon firing up in preparation for bungee jumping make you cringe, or fill you with excitement?