Hotel Review: Rebels Against The Ordinary At Hotel Zed in Victoria BC

Last Updated on November 10, 2020

Quirky Hotel Appeal

We love staying in Hotels that are a little quirky and have nice features out of the ordinary. When we were searching for places to stay in Victoria, British Columbia, Hotel Zed immediately caught our attention and we knew that is where we had to book. The drive to downtown Victoria was only around ten minutes, so it wasn’t in the city centre, but was not too far away. So bold and colourful, a fun and eclectic hip hotel, Hotel Zed takes you out of the ordinary. Their slogan is even fitting: “Rebels against the ordinary.”

Room Details

The rooms were clean and simple, beds provided a good sleep and the overall decor and had the same fun bold vibes that went perfectly with all the little details. With attention to small details like vintage VW and retro Chevy shuttle vans, rotary dial phones, typewriter stations, and a comic book in each room, the attention to fun details did not go unnoticed. When you’re traveling with little kids, the hotel having a pool is a huge bonus.

Waterslide and Pool

Another great feature was the waterslide, The Zedinator. The kids loved the waterslide and have not stopped talking about it since. It was the first time our kids had been down a ‘real’ waterslide and they are hooked. Our oldest, Madison, even got brave enough to go down the slide herself! The pool was not huge, but it was definitely big enough for our enjoyment.

Budget Hotel?

Hotel Zed successfully has taken a  basic budget hotel and gave it some wonderful quirky character. We certainly did not feel like we were staying at a “budget” hotel, and enjoyed the colourful experience the hotel provides. Even the outside of the Hotel is painted with a selection of vibrant colours.

Take a look at the wonderful experience we had staying at Hotel Zed:

Outside and Lobby

Hotel Zed in Victoria

Hotel Zed in Victoria

Hotel Zed in Victoria

Hotel Zed in Victoria
Write your postcard on a typewriter!
Hotel Zed in Victoria
Relaxing reception area

The Room

Hotel Zed in Victoria
Basic rooms, but comfortable.
Hotel Zed in Victoria
Basic rooms, but comfortable.
“Mommy, what is this?”
My parents had one of these when I was growing up. Flashback!
Introducing Jacob to the world of Superheroes and Comic Books. The girls loved taking a look, too!

The Pool

Hotel Zed in Victoria
Perfect family pool
Fun for the whole family!
Madison’s 1st time down a real waterslide. She even started going down by herself!
Jacob’s first swim in a pool
Sadie’s 1st ride down a real waterslide


We had a fantastic weekend at Hotel Zed. The kids keep bugging us about going back, so perhaps we will have to check out their location in Kelowna, BC next. Hotel Zed is perfect for some quality family time; we made some wonderful memories!



Where is a hotel you have stayed at that was a bit out of the ordinary?