Hotel Zed In Tofino Oozes 1970s Swank

Last Updated on May 17, 2023

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Introduction to Hotel Zed & Its Unique Experience

We’re not sure what we were expecting when we walked into Hotel Zed, but it definitely wasn’t the 1970s-style swankiness that oozed from every corner. From the unique amenities to the groovy wallpaper, this place was a time capsule of sorts – and we loved every minute of it! Despite feeling like we had stepped back in time, the hotel had all of the modern amenities we needed, and it was just a short walk from Chesterman beach, or a short drive or bike ride to the best of Tofino. If you’re looking for a unique place to stay in Tofino, definitely check out Hotel Zed.

Hotel Zed really does “Rebel Against The Ordinary”!

Where Is Tofino?

Tofino is a quaint beach community located on the west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. This small town is known for its stunning beaches, epic surf, and laid-back vibes – and it’s definitely an amazing place to explore! Tofino is accessible by car from both Victoria and Nanaimo, or by plane or boat from Vancouver.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Tofino?

Tofino is beautiful year-round, but it really comes alive in the summer. If you’re looking for sunny days and warm temperatures, June to August is the best time to visit. Winter can also be a great time to check out Tofino – snow-capped mountains, giant waves during storm season, crisp clear air, and plenty of activities for your whole family. During the winter you’re also treated to a quieter town and area, and you’ll be able to find parking any time of day without going a little crazy!

The 1970s Were A Time Of Great Change – And That Included The World Of Interior Design

The 1970s were a period of great technological progress, and that was no different in the enclosure of interior design. This era saw dramatic shifts in the way people thought about how to create cozy and comfortable spaces within their homes. For example, many homeowners began to experiment with bold hues as well as more avant-garde furniture pieces. Furthermore, wood finishings, wallpaper, upholstery, drapes, and wall art became popular additions in this decade. By utilizing previously unexplored ideas while combining classical designs with modern technology, interior design experienced a vast transformation during the 1970s.

Hotel Zed In Tofino, Canada, Is A Perfect Example Of How The Decade’s Style Can Be Both Stylish And Functional

Hotel Zed in Tofino, Canada offers a unique and exciting vacation experience. Combining classic elements from the 70s with modern design, visitors can revel in nostalgia for a decade gone by yet still enjoy all of the amenities that come with a hotel stay today. Its distinct style is controlled yet playful, blending bright colours, vintage furniture, and memorable art into the guest rooms while keeping it both stylish and functional. It is part wonderland retreat and part home-stay – creating a space that is artistic and warm while inspiring guests to embrace their creativity. With its vibrant interior design choices – Hotel Zed truly encapsulates how classic styles can be timelessly fresh and modern.

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From The Bold Colors To The Fun 70s Vintage Accompaniments, Everything About This Hotel Oozes 1970s Swank!

The ’70s were a time of bold and vibrant colors that expressed individuality and freedom – and this hotel embodies every bit of that spirit! On the outside, its geometric shapes and bright oranges, greens,  reds, and yellows are a delightful throwback to the best parts of the decade. Inside, you’ll find fun decor reflecting some of the most iconic looks from the 1970s. From wild wallpapers to specially curated vintage furniture, there’s an undeniable charm to everything about this hotel that truly makes it a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether you’re travelling through town or looking for a unique weekend getaway, this hotel is sure to supercharge any stay with its hip 70s style and tranquil atmosphere.

But It’s Not All About Nostalgia – The Hotel Has Been Updated With Modern Amenities Like Free WiFi And Flat-Screen TVs

When looking for the perfect hotel stay, there’s something special about finding one that has a bit of nostalgia. The feeling of walking through time, reliving the old with its classic decor, provides an experience difficult to match. However, that doesn’t have to be all there is – the modern amenities provide an upgrade in convenience and comfort. Take, for instance, free WiFi – now you can stay connected while travelling and not worry about dodging hotspots around town or paying for less-than-desirable internet connection speed. Additionally, ample flat-screen TVs in the rooms offer a welcome break from any travelling activities for everyone to indulge in some much-needed downtime. Whether you are looking for nostalgia or modern convenience, this hotel does not disappoint!

Making Memories – Spacious Suites For Families To Bond Together

Create lasting memories with your family this year and book a suite perfect for everyone. The spacious family suite provides all the comforts of home, giving you more time to bond as you explore unforgettable experiences together. We loved the wild wallpapers that really elevated the vintage feel.

The family suite has a room specifically designed for the children with one double bunk bed over another, and an individual bed. Additionally, there is a separate bedroom featuring a luxurious king-size bed.

The living room is spacious enough to give everyone their own personal area, with a generous couch that can accommodate all. The kitchen even has an eight-seat table, along with ample countertop space if you decide to whip up something delectable or enjoy the food from ROAR in your residence.

Relax and rejuvenate in this beautiful full bath that features a deep tub for soaking or a shower, a double vanity sink, plus a separate room with a private toilet. It is also helpful with a full house to have the second 2-piece guest bathroom.

Capturing an era, the 70s-inspired pieces of decor such as Readers Digest condensed books, a rotary phone, artwork, and radio added that extra touch to make this space truly memorable.

Unique Lobby Experience – Retro Office, Sunken Living Room, And Live Fire Restaurant & Bar

Come experience ROAR Restaurant & Bar, an amazing live-fire spot for the best food.

During our stay, the kids had burgers, chicken strips, and pasta. We tried “Charcoal-Grilled Chuck Burger”, “Spanish Salmon”, the “Tofino Tostada” and “Fire Roasted Chicken”.

It was all melt-in-your-mouth delicious, but what really took the cake was the “Charcoal-Grilled Chuck Burger.” It tasted like heaven and is our number one recommendation. The waitress wasn’t kidding when she said it was possibly the best burger in Tofino!

It is a good idea to make a reservation for the ROAR restaurant!

Or, head to the lobby for the ROAR Coffee & Shop to find some of the best coffee and West Coast gifts before embarking on your Tofino adventures!

In the lobby, you’ll also find a retro office and a sunken living room with board games galore. You are able to eat in the sunken living room, but there is a select ROAR menu to choose from.

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Fun Features That Make Hotel Zed Extra Brilliant

Hot Tub And Barrel Sauna Amidst Tranquil Forest Surroundings

Step into tranquility and experience the peacefulness of nature while relaxing in a steaming hot tub nestled among towering trees.

Relaxing in a hot tub and barrel sauna and soaking up the natural surroundings is the perfect way to spend your vacation. It is a great way to relax after a day of exploring.

Connect With Nature At The Wetlands Trail

Hotel Zed Tofino enjoys exclusive access to the stunningly beautiful and often overlooked Tofino Inlet. Experience a hidden oasis right in the heart of this West Coast paradise!

Follow the trail into the forest by the hot tub building and it will take you to wetlands, incredible views, and some moments of peace. If you’re lucky, you’ll see some bears across the Tofino Inlet as you relax with the shorebirds.

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An Unforgettable Spa Escape: Rejuvenate and Refresh

Relax and rejuvenate with a holistic massage at Stillwater Spa, nestled away in the peaceful forest and bird sanctuary. Keep in mind that this opportunity is closed from November through April.

Enjoy an array of exciting and immersive games, as well as unique features that will provide endless hours of entertainment!

Swell Paddle And Surf Just Steps From Your Room

Nothing says “Tofino” like surfing, paddling, and biking. Hotel Zed is equipped with both options so you can take to the waves or explore the trails around town, or take a bike ride on the world’s first hotel bike path that goes through the lobby.

And when it comes time to dry off and refuel, head over to ROAR Restaurant & Bar for some delicious eats!

Dog-Friendly Accommodation Options

Embarking on a journey and need to bring along Fido or Fifi? Look no further than Hotel Zed! The hotel offers select dog-friendly hotel rooms, all within an atmosphere that radiates laid-back vibes.

Bold and Unforgettable Amenities

This escape to the totally 70s hotel nestled in Tofino’s lush rainforest features amenities that you won’t be able to find anywhere else! Is there any other destination in the world that offers a bike lane right through its lobby? Or a psychic’s den, custom driftwood VW interactive van, mini-disco, Shuffleboard, jumbo scrabble, or secret retro arcade?!

You will quickly see why this hotel stands out from the crowd. There is something for everyone in the family! Hotel Zed really thought of it ALL.

Cox Bay

Hotel Zed Is A Short Drive From The Best Of Tofino’s Attractions

If you actually have the energy to leave the hotel after enjoying all the fun amenities, you can find a plethora of wonderful experiences. Take a short walk, drive, or bike ride to one of the many stunning Tofino beaches or hikes.

Hotel Zed is a ten-minute walk away from one of the most iconic beaches in Tofino, Chesterman beach. Other favorite beaches are Combers Beach (a short walk through the forest, so you’ll get a quieter experience), Wickaninnish Beach (excellent for tide pooling and learning to surf), and Cox Bay (you’ll find surfing lessons galore here).

Hiking trails you will not want to miss include the unofficial Canso Bomber Plane Wreck, the Rainforest Trail, and the unmarked Cox Bay Lookout. Find out all you need to know about hiking in Tofino in our post about the Best Tofino Hiking Trails.

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A view from atop one of the Long Beach rocks

How Many Days Do You Need In Tofino?

You could easily spend a week in Tofino and not see it all (trust us, we have)! A three-night stay in Tofino is a great way to get a feel for the area, yet you’ll find yourself craving more!

Experience all that Hotel Zed has to offer by planning a visit today!

Whether You’re Looking For A Unique Place To Stay Or Just Want To Take A Trip Down Memory Lane, Hotel Zed Is Definitely Worth A Visit!

Hotel Zed is a unique experience that offers an interesting take on the concept of “vacationing”. Located across British Columbia, Hotel Zed provides many charming and fun accommodation options. Whether you’re trying to find a one-of-a-kind place to stay or just want to relive the glory days of disco and groovy tunes, Hotel Zed delivers an unforgettable experience for everyone regardless of background or age.

Hotel Zed are Rebels Against The Ordinary, and we are here for it. 

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