Interacting with Playful and Cuddly Kangaroos At Kangaroo Creek Farm

Last Updated on March 14, 2016



One of the first ‘attractions’ that appealed to us about the destination of Kelowna, British Columbia was the Kangaroo Creek Farm and it far exceeded our expectations. We loved how you could get up close and personal with not only the Kangaroos, but so many other animals as well.

The farm features many animals, including: Kangaroo, Bennet Wallaby, Wallaroo, Albina Wallaby, Sugar Gliders, Pit Bellied Pig, Emu, Parrot, Peacock, Goats, Fancy Chicken and Capybara.





It was nice to see how respectful the staff was of the animals and how much they really did care about them. You could see the passion in the eyes of one of the employees that was handing out feed as she told us everything imaginable about all the animals that crossed our path as we were talking to her. The animals seemed to enjoy the company of the visitors.

The staff were excellent and very friendly, with the exception of the girl who was assisting the visitors with holding the Kangaroos. We requested a younger Joey for our two year-old to hold with us and we were given quite the attitude. Aside from that, the staff was wonderful.

The Joey station where we were able to get some cuddles was our favourite part of the experience and one you will never forget. It is fabulous to be able to roam so freely with all the animals.

We loved learning so much fascinating information about Kangaroos. Before our visit, we had no idea that:

  • The big difference between us regular mammals and marsupial mammals during pregnancy is that no placental connection is formed. Once the marsupial egg has consumed it’s own yolk, to stay alive and develop (just like a bird egg), it has to be born.
  • The whole pregnancy is only about 28 days long.
  • Kangaroos can suspend pregnancy (Embyonic Diapause). Once the Mother has given birth, she can mate again and become pregnant. However, the second baby won’t be born after 28 days like the first one. Instead, the second baby develops until it is a bundle of around 100 cells and then stops growing. It just sits there and waits for its sibling to vacate the pouch before being born.


Take a look at more of our photos from the Kangaroo Creek Farm – and then try to tell us you don’t want to visit!

A Capybara – The largest rodent in the world
A Fancy Chicken
The goats loved to play!
Taking time for a selfie
Madison loved petting the Kangaroo
Feeding a A Capybara – The largest rodent in the world
Sadie met a Kangaroo and didn’t even know it; sleepy baby!
Madison was so excited to meet a new animal
Come on, give me more lovin’…and food!
Pot Bellied Pig
Polly want a cracker?
How cool is cuddling a Kangaroo?
Baby Snuggles
The many different ages of the Joey’s – it was interesting to see the difference in their size!

kangaroo13 kangaroo14    kangaroo19 kangaroo21 kangaroo22

The Kangaroo Creek Farm was a great experience for the whole family. When you’re traveling it can be hard to find activities to excite the whole family, and that won’t empty your wallet. Our visit was both affordable and a ton of fun for all of us.

We never thought our first real interaction with a Kangaroo would be right in our home province of British Columbia!

Know before you go:

  • The parking is located on the street above the Kangaroo Creek Farm. Arrive early to not have to fight for a parking spot or you may find yourself parking a way back and walking longer to the entrance.
  • There is a really steep hill on the way down to and back up from the farm – if you have anyone who might have trouble, drive them down and drop them off before going back up to park your car.
  • Arrive early, not only for the best parking, but the farm can get very busy. We arrived right at opening and loved all the extra access we had to the animals because of it.
  • Admission is a $5 donation per person 5 years old and up, or $20 for a family of five. We were able to amuse ourselves easily for an hour and could have stayed a lot longer. Madison did not want to leave! We knew Madison would get a lot out of the trip, so we chose to donate $5 for her as well, even though she is only two.
  • There are more animals located behind the house. Go visit the kangaroos first and then exit that area to go to the other side of the lot for additional animals such as a Sugar Glider, Pot Bellied Pig, and Emu.
  • In respect of the animals, their hours are very narrow: 10am – 2pm.
  • View their website to give you a good idea of what to expect. Don’t let it turn you away, as it comes across very stern, unfriendly and sarcastic.


Have you had an animal encounter you enjoyed?