How To Get Kids Excited About Snowshoeing

Last Updated on January 9, 2023

How To Get Kids Excited About Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is an invigorating and amusing way to stay physically active during the winter season with your kids. Not only can it be a fantastic exercise, but you will probably have so much fun that you may not even recognize how great of a workout it truly is – unless of course, you’re carrying around a toddler on your back, then it really is leg day!

Snowshoeing is a great way to build lasting memories as a family without breaking the bank. It’s easy for everyone in the family to learn and it provides an exciting twist on winter activities beyond just sledding! We highly recommend families partake in snowshoeing if they want to get out and explore more of what winter has to offer.

Snowshoeing is an accessible winter sport, as you don’t need to learn anything new if you already know how to walk! There is no easier sport to learn.

Vancouver’s proximity to the mountains is a blessing, allowing us all to enjoy snowshoe adventures only 30 minutes outside of town. The abundance of trails and ski resorts makes it easy for anyone to get out and explore! Cypress Mountain, Seymour Mountain, and Grouse Mountain are all popular options. If you’re up for a drive, Squamish and the picturesque resort of Whistler are fantastic winter destinations that can be reached within two hours (at most) from Vancouver.

Snowshoeing With Kids

Introducing kids to snowshoeing at a young age is an amazing way to get them excited about being outdoors. I started my little ones on the trails when they were little babes, carrying them in a child carrier on my back! Now all four of our kiddos are three and over and love confidently tramping through the mountainside themselves (the littlest gets carried a bit). It is an incredible feeling for the whole family!

Snowshoeing with your children, whether they are babies or toddlers, is an amazing experience. It gets simpler as they get older, but regardless of age, it’s a thrilling way to make unforgettable memories for everyone.

What Is Snowshoeing?

Snowshoeing is a magnificent way to explore the great outdoors! By attaching special snowshoes to your boots, you’ll be able to “float” across the snow without plunging deep into it. The wide frame of these shoes helps spread out your weight over a larger surface area—allowing for much easier navigation in even thick patches of snow.

Snowshoeing has been employed as a means of transportation through harsh winter conditions for thousands of years, allowing trappers and traders to explore even the most remote areas. Snowshoeing has become one of the fastest-growing winter pastimes, providing an excellent opportunity to wander through enchanting snowy landscapes with friends and family.

Conversation Matters!

Preparing kids for an experience is critical, and the most effective way to do this is to talk about it prior. Let them know how amazing of a time they will have and emphasize where you’ll be exploring – after all, no one knows your children better than you! Employ just enough enthusiasm before taking off so that their excitement bubbles over once it’s time to begin the journey.

Prepare The Night Before

To get my little ones excited and ready for our next snowshoeing excursion, I bring out their snowshoes the night before. This helps to give them a vivid picture of what they can expect in the morning – plus it gives us time to make sure their winter boots and snowshoes are good to go and that all bindings fit correctly. With this precautionary step taken care of, we’ll be able to set off without any delays or complaints!

Keep Them Comfortable

We maintain that there is no such thing as bad weather; only ill-suited clothing. When the temperature drops, make sure you have enough layers to keep you warm and cozy. If it’s a bit too much for your liking, don’t hesitate to remove them in order to stay comfortable – it’s always better than being cold and putting yourself at risk!

Snowshoeing is an excellent way for kids to stay dry since they are “floating” on top of the snow. Of course, there may be times when they decide to make a few snow angels! But once their body starts moving and working up the heat, it won’t take long before your little one will be unzipping his/her jacket or taking off layers of clothing. It’s important that you make sure your child stays warm without becoming overheated while out in a cold environment.

To ensure that children are adequately insulated against the cold, it is important to dress them in multiple layers. Start with a lightweight base layer directly on their skin, then add an insulation middle layer, and finally wind protection. Additionally, make sure they have warm socks pulled up high; mittens tucked into their jackets; and the internal gaiters of their snow pants are covering their boots so no snow can get inside.

Don’t forget that when you are carrying babies or toddlers, they won’t produce the same amount of body heat as if they were moving around themselves. Make sure to dress them in an extra layer for comfort and warmth.

Packing an extra hat, gloves, and hand warmers for each person is highly recommended. This is especially beneficial for the youngest members of your group who may not be able to keep up with an extended snowshoeing trip; having some handy hand warmers will definitely help them stay comfortably cozy!

Start Small

I’m really passionate about discovering the best family adventures, but it’s important to remember that everyone must start at the beginning. We began our journey in snowshoeing with small steps – starting by practicing on the low-level ground covered in either snow or grass. After that, we headed for mountain resorts and paid trails where there was no risk of avalanches. By taking everything one step at a time, you’ll be able to enjoy your family trip stress-free!

Being able to make u-turns in your snowshoes is one of the most valuable skills you can have on a wintery excursion; their design prevents them from moving backward without toppling over.

If you are an ambitious go-getter like me, don’t be afraid to reevaluate your objectives and modify the course if necessary. It’s important to always come prepared with backup plans A through C!

Play Games

Just like any other activity, the more fun your child has snowshoeing, the more likely they are to return. Snowshoeing is essentially just hiking with a bit of extra gear; why not make it even better by adding some games and songs? Playing “Walk Like A…” can bring lots of laughter or simply singing tunes can provide hours of joy for everyone involved. Don’t forget that snowshoeing should be enjoyable first and foremost – something you look forward to each time!

Nothing builds curiosity and confidence in the outdoors like allowing children to take the lead, with us following closely behind. We’ve been amazed at how proud they feel when they discover trail markers and show us the way!

Snacks And Hot Chocolate

A few bribes here and there might just be the key to keeping your children motivated during a trek. Don’t worry if you need to use them, they can help keep your kids energized and active – which is ultimately what we want! And of course, it’s important to remember that adventures take longer than expected – so bring plenty of snacks for fuel along the way. To top off an exhilarating snowshoeing experience, nothing beats a warm cup of hot chocolate with melted marshmallows afterward.

What Snowshoes To Buy?

Deciding which size of snowshoes you should buy is a piece of cake! All you have to do is take into account the total weight that your snowshoe will be carrying, including yourself and any accessories, as well as the terrain you will be tackling. This should give you a good idea of the size you need.

We love our Tubbs Snowshoes, with our youngest having the Snowglow Snowshow (they light up!), our oldest having the FLEX Jr’s, and the adults having FLEX VRT, like these Flex VRT Women’s Snowshoes.  

If you’re snowshoeing, the bindings will work with any kind of shoe. However, for optimal performance and comfort in wintery conditions, pick a lightweight pair of waterproof boots that provide excellent ankle flex.

Renting snowshoes

If you’d like to try snowshoeing before committing to a purchase, many sporting goods stores offer rentals for either one day or the entire weekend. Additionally, if you’re planning on visiting a ski resort, they generally have rental options too; however, their snowshoes are typically not able to be used off the paid trails.

With every rental, the cost of snowshoeing adds up. If you found that your experience was enjoyable and worth repeating, it’s more economical to invest in a pair of your own.

Snowshoe Etiquette

Just as you would share trails with others during the summer months, there are also guidelines to help keep everyone safe and happy during the winter, regardless of how they are moving down the trail:

  • If you share a trail with cross-country skiers, do not step on the ski tracks.  The snowshoe crampons can destroy a trail that is especially groomed for cross-country skiing. If you must snowshoe on the trail, stick to the far-left side, away from the tracks.
  • Snowmobiles go fast. Always yield to them.
  • If you are slower than those approaching behind you or need to stop for a moment, move to the side or off the trail so that you are not in the way.
  • Yield to the uphill snowshoer.
  • If you are on a narrow trail, snowshoe single file so that others may pass.

Avalanche Safety

Avalanche dangers when adventuring in the snow are serious. Always follow guidelines by Avalanche Canada (or the backcountry resource in your corner of the world), and check park trail reports before heading out. Be sure to bring along a safety kit, including a whistle, map, compass, and extra layers of clothing.

In addition, it’s essential to have an emergency plan that’s shared with everyone before heading out – complete with backup plans A through C! Stay safe out there and enjoy your snowshoeing adventures!


Snowshoeing is an exciting and rewarding sport for all ages. With the proper gear and a can-do attitude, you’ll be sure to make wintery memories that will last a lifetime! Good luck on your snowshoeing journey – have fun out there!

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