Learning Proper Self-Care Through Quarantine and Adventure

Last Updated on June 25, 2022

These unprecedented times have really taught us a lot about ourselves and the importance of self-care while we have been forced to stay put. We have had to cancel several trips that we were looking forward to, the most important one being our 10 Year Anniversary vow renewal on the beach in Maui, Hawaii. While we did not have it as bad in BC as other parts of the world (we have always been able to go for a walk or run outside), we recognize how blessed we are to be able to stay safe at home. We recognize the sacrifices of the healthcare workers on the frontline, but that still does not mean that we have not been impacted in a way that can really mess with your emotional well-being.

Getting a good sleep is important for self-care. Sleeping with help of Natrol 3 A.m. Melatonin

We are used to adventure after adventure with the lifestyle we have chosen, so being stuck in one place (with four kids) can feel extra draining. We had never taken much thought to self-care, but through this quarantine, we quickly realized one important thing: self-care is SO VERY necessary. And not just in quarantine, but in every-day life, during busy travel days and adventures, and everything in-between. It is not okay to just pretend everything is okay all the time and to not take care of yourself.

We have always been stocked with a good First Aid Kit for any physical injuries, as those are readily available. However, because it would have taken so much work to put together a self-care plan for our mental well-being, we never have. We were delighted to see that Natrol® created the idea of a reimagined First Aid Kit, a drug-free alternative to those hard-to-handle emotional emergencies. We always try to get the most out of life through adventure, but it turns out that to really get the most out of life, we also have to properly take care of our emotional well-being too. Since we have been able to take the time to figure out what works for us, we have really been able to grasp those extra benefits of learning how to properly take care of ourselves before we run our emotional well-being into the ground.

Sleeping with help of Natrol 3 A.m. Melatonin

For the first two months of quarantine, Darcy was given a crash-course in working from home. Though he was able to lock himself in the basement so that he was not disturbed by our four kids during his work hours), he noticed the difference in how he was feeling with brain fatigue and focus. He was suddenly in a different environment than his downtown office that he was used to going to every day. While he enjoyed being home and not having to drive downtown each day, Natrol’s® Cognium® Focus really helped him to regain that sense of normalcy when he needed it most. Natrol’s® Cognium® Focus helped him stay energized and alert and improved focus and concentration.†

A good night's sleep is important for self-care. with help of Natrol 3 A.m. Melatonin

Darcy also found it harder to get good sleep when he could not separate work and home life. Natrol’s® 3 a.m. Melatonin is wonderful because it will help you fall back to sleep if you are tossing and turning. It is just enough to help you get that little bit of extra sleep your body needs. The lavender vanilla flavor is wonderful, as well as not having to get out of bed to get a glass of water, with the fast-dissolve formula that does not require water.

Relaxing for self-care while reading with help of Natrol Relaxia

For myself, being stuck at home with four kids, working and homeschooling, though I enjoyed watching the kids learning, I found that my mood was the most affected. Being home all day every day has really made me feel sluggish. On the worst days, Natrol’s® Relaxia™ Ultimate Calm helped me to feel more calm and balanced.† I felt better able to wrangle four kids and get that school work done. To help me recharge, I also love taking some time to read something inspirational and sleep using a weighted, scented sleep mask to get better sleep.

Natrol YOU First Aid Kit
Natrol® created the idea of a reimagined First Aid Kit – a great visual to help you create your own. Kit not for sale as shown.

We have been using Natrol’s® idea of a YOU First Aid Kit throughout this quarantine. We also love the extras they included for us to really make the YOU First Aid Kit essential, like Calm Chamomile Tea, a coloring book with pencil crayons, a puzzle book, a luxurious eye pillow, cozy socks, and deep sleep pillow spray. All additional elements to help with that ever-important self-care.

Relaxing for some self-care with tea and reading thanks to Natrol

We encourage you to take some time to think about how you can improve your self-care. You deserve to get the most out of life and to feel like your best self, whether you are at home, or adventuring around the world. I feel so fortunate that we were able to experience first-hand the difference that a few drug-free products can make.

It is time to prioritize your emotional and mental well-being!

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