Lindeman Lake Hike In Chilliwack

Lindeman Lake

Last Updated on June 15, 2022

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Lindeman Lake Hike

Lindeman Lake is a beautiful, secluded lake located in Chilliwack, BC surrounded by dense forest and mountain peaks in Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park. With its intoxicatingly blue-green, crystal clear waters, Lindeman Lake is a great way to spend some time on a beautiful summer day. The gorgeous waters draw a huge crowd to the lake every year. The lake area is unbelievably beautiful, especially when you consider how easy it is to access. It is especially popular on a hot day, though few people brave the ice-cold water beyond dipping their toes in.

The stunning lake is a two-hour drive from Vancouver but is will-worth driving out to the trailhead. Expect to make the adventure a day trip, or spend a night or two in Chilliwack to explore more trails and backroad scenery. There is so much in the Chilliwack area to discover!

The hike is also fairly short, at 3.4 km round-trip. However, it is still a good workout. The trail has 350 meters of elevation gain within 2 km, so you will still work up a sweat.

When you have taken some time to enjoy the beauty of Lindeman Lake, and perhaps go for a really cold quick swim in the lake, you will retrace your steps back to your car. The Lindeman Lake portion is an out-and-back trail, not a loop.

Where Is Chilliwack?

Chilliwack is a city in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, Canada, and is located approximately 100 km east of Vancouver and 50 km south of the US border. The city is situated on the banks of the Fraser River and is surrounded by mountains. Chilliwack is a popular destination for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, and mountaineering. The city also offers a variety of cultural and historical attractions, including art galleries, museums, and historic sites. Whether you’re looking for an exciting adventure or a relaxing getaway, Chilliwack has something to offer everyone.

Extending The Lindeman Lake Hike

If you are looking to add to the difficulty and intensity of the hike, there are also trails beyond Lindeman Lake. If you continue onto Greendrop Lake, you add 6kms to the hike. If you include Flora Lake as well, the entire loop is 20km and will have you adventuring all day. Both of the additional routes are for experienced hikers and are not discussed further in this guide.

It is always the rugged trails that our kids love the most.

Hiking Lindeman Lake With Kids And Dogs

The Lindeman Lake hike is a great one to do with kids and dogs. However, do know that you are in bear and cougar country, so bring your essentials. We have not seen either during the two times we have been up there, but I saw details of someone seeing four bears a few days after our last Lindeman adventure. You never know!

We let our oldest kids guide us on the trail. They find the way by finding and following the trail markers. They did a wonderful job and we made it both up and down the trail with their guidance. We love hiking with our kids and watching their love for nature and adventure. We are always surprised by the hikes they are able to complete, especially when a lot of the hike is on an incline. Incline hikes are a lot of work for our own legs (especially when you are baby-wearing), but for their little legs — it must be a lot of hard work! We loved the rushing water and all the mini-waterfalls we found along the trail.

Dogs are also able to come along, but please keep them on a leash. Comet loved this trail, but we did not like all the dogs off-leash that their owners had no recall ability. Imagine if the dog was to run ahead of you and run into a bear… good luck.

Hit The Trail Early

The Lindeman Lake trail is extremely popular. You will want to get up early to try to beat any crowds. It can be hard to get up early, but it made it a lot easier to keep our distance on this popular trail. When we were leaving, there were SO many cars parked down the road as far as the eye could see. While it does not mean they are all doing the same hike (there are a couple of options to hike to that start on the same path before branching off at different points), it was still a lot of foot traffic. With that said, this is definitely a well-worn trail that is probably best visited during the week. If the parking lot is full at the trailhead, you are able to park along the road.

Girl enjoying the Pretty views at Lindeman Lake

Lindeman Lake Camping

There are a few tent pads available at Lindeman Lake, as well as an outhouse and food cache. If you would like to camp at Lindeman Lake, you need to register online for a backcountry camping permit. Do not plan to camp without one.

Alternatively, you could also complete the Lindeman Lake hike and go camping at Chilliwack Lake, a popular campsite for its scenic lake and cold glacier water. Advance online reservations are also required.

Leave No Valuables In Your Car

As with any time you walk away from your vehicle, do not leave valuables. Chilliwack trails are a popular and easy spot for thieves to break into vehicles.

When you are heading off on a hike, the last thing you want to worry about is your valuables being safe. Unfortunately, leaving valuables in your car is one of the surest ways to invite trouble. Even if you hide them out of sight, there’s no guarantee that they will be safe. After all, thieves are always coming up with new ways to break into cars. If you really want to protect your valuables, the best thing to do is to not bring them along. That way, you can relax and enjoy your hike without having to worry about what’s happening to your stuff.

If you are doing an overnight hike up Lindeman Lake or beyond, arrange for someone to drop off and pick you up instead of leaving a vehicle.

Directions And Parking

From Vancouver take Highway 1 East, and take Exit #104 onto No. 3 Road. Follow the signs directing you towards Cultus Lake. You will come to a T-intersection, where you will take a left on Yarrow Central Road, which will also merge into Vedder Mountain Road. Vedder Mountain Road will cross over the Chilliwack River. You will lose cell service here. After passing over the river, turn right onto Chilliwack Lake Road. The Post Creek parking lot is a bit of a drive, about 40 km from Vedder Crossing along Chilliwack Lake road.


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