Mamquam Falls In Squamish

Last Updated on August 19, 2021

Mamquam Falls

There seem to be endless stunning waterfalls in British Columbia. Several are easy to access along the Sea to Sky Highway, making them extremely popular. This is why we love it when we feel like we have uncovered a hidden gem along the Sea to Sky Highway.

The Mamquam Falls waterfall in Squamish may not be anything extra spectacular at 62 feet high. However, the hike to it through the lush rainforest, the surrounding canyon, and the emerald green water make it extra special. The lush rainforest makes this one of the prettiest short Squamish trails and would be a great add-on to another hike around Squamish. It is also a great trail because it is an easy-rated Squamish hike with a great reward; perfect for a family outing.

If you have already seen the waterfall highlights along the Sea to Sky Highway like Alexander Falls, Brandywine Falls, Shannon Falls, and Nairn Falls, you will want to take a little bit of effort to find this gem.

Trail Details

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 0.75 hours
Round-Trip: 1.6km
Elevation Gain: 60 meters
Season: Year-round

How To Get To Mamquam Falls

Mamquam Falls is located just outside of the city of Squamish. You will be traveling down the Sea to Sky Highway until you reach the Mamquam River Forest Service Road. Follow it for 3.7 km. You will turn left at the first major intersection, then continue down the service road for another 1.7 km.  You will then see a big yellow gate with a parking area to the left of it.

Here are the Google driving directions to Mamquam Falls.

How To Find The Trail

Trail Option One

We opted to start this squamish hike at the unmarked trail that started off of the parking area. Take note that the yellow gate beside the parking area was locked and had a no trespassing sign on it, so do not go that way. The unmarked trail took us down a gravel road until we saw the lower kayak entry spot on our right.

This area is locked by a gate, however, it is sometimes used as a kayak put-in.

Look around and you will see a map of the area. Take the unmarked trail beside the map, and it will lead you right to the small viewing platform of the waterfall.  After you are done, you will notice the trail continues up through the forest. This is fairly steep at points and will lead you to a gravel road. Turn right, and it will take you back to where you parked your vehicle. Turn left and it will take you to the bridge over the Mamquam River for a different perspective. When you are standing on the bridge, you will be standing over Mamquam Falls, but you cannot see the falls from the bridge.

Trail Option Two

You could do this loop in the opposite direction, walking past the locked yellow gate (not entering behind it) and down the gravel road until you reach the bridge, then backtracking a few steps to the trail that enters the forest before the bridge. You will then find yourself at the viewing platform and can head back to your vehicle through the lush forest and then by following the gravel road up to your vehicle.

However, we found it was easier to start the unmarked trail from the parking lot. That way you take the steep trail upwards after the viewing platform. It seemed like the easier way while trying to keep four kids safe at the same time.

Our Suggestion

Next time, we would start the trail from the parking lot, using trail option one. We would complete the trail as an out-and-back through the forest, going back the way we came. It would make it a much prettier hike.

Development Ahead

A proposed eco-tourism project is slated for construction in the area surrounding Mamquam Falls in Squamish. The first stage of development will bring 800 meters of elevated boardwalk and 200 meters of canyon walkway to Mamquam Falls. The second phase of development will bring two bridges over the canyon, as well as additional elevated boardwalks and lookout platforms.

There has not been any word yet on when the area will be closed for construction. If you want to see the area before it undergoes construction, head there soon!


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