Mesmerizing Mountain Views And Glimmering Water At Lake Louise

Last Updated on September 18, 2016

Lake Louise is one of the worlds most photographed glacial lakes. With its turquoise blue waters and surrounding snow-capped peaks, it’s unsurprising to see why. Seeing the iconic Lake Louise was high on our list for this trip that was spent mainly traveling through Jasper National Park. We made sure we circled back home through part of Banff National Park so we could make the stop at this gorgeous lake.

The magnificent turquoise colour of the water is a result of the light filtering effect of rock flour in the glacial runoff. It is said that you should visit between late July and August to see the water at its brightest. We visited September Labour Day weekend, but we definitely couldn’t complain about the pretty colour of the lake that was before our eyes.

Lake Louise is also the second largest skiing resort in Canada, and one of the biggest in North America. There’s a canoe dock in summer, and a skating rink during the winter on the frozen lake. Hiking trails wind up to the Lake Agnes Tea House for bird’s-eye views.


We knew what we should expect before the arrival – fabulous views at a perfect lake with perfect surroundings, and picture perfect post card moments. But, even on a long weekend, we were not expecting to have so many hordes of people — so many, in fact, that we had to circle with dozens of other people for an hour to find parking. It turned out that the other popular spot we were hoping to stop at on the way to Lake Louise, Morraine Lake, had its road closed for the day. So, that took the usual busy weekend and multiplied it to a crazy amount.

Through all the craziness, and even on a cloudy day, we still managed to see Lake Louise in all its glory, and trust us, when we show you this moment that happened, it made the craziness of getting there all worth it, and more:

How perfect and precious is this moment?

There were a handful of people taking a canoe out on the lake and we thought those people were brilliant; getting some peace on the water and escaping the crowds. Though Lake Louise is a fairly small lake, measuring in at  2km long and less than 500m wide, it suprisingly has depths of up to 230ft!


Fun Facts About Lake Louise:

  • Lake Louise was originally named Emerald Lake, by Tom Wilson, a Canadian Pacific railroad employee, though it was renamed after two years.
  • The name Lake Louise is derived from Princess Louise Caroline Alberta (1848–1939), 4th daughter of Queen Victoria.
Beautiful views, from every angle!
Taking in the views

Before you go:

  • Get there early in the morning, or expect to have to circle to find some parking, especially on long weekends.
  • Lake Louise is a hot tourist spot. Expect to have a ton of tourists around you at the shoreline. If you wander a path around the lake, you’ll find a little more peace.


Even though it felt like the whole world was waiting to meet us on the shoreline, we’re glad that we were able to still enjoy our surroundings. And trust us, when you are standing there, the crowds around you disappear and you’re left to admire such an awe-inspiring view. Besides, who cares if there is a crowd. The reason you’re there is to share in the view, one of the best and most photographed of the Canadian Rockies.



Have you ever been to Lake Louise? What did you think?