Mind-Blowing Vibrant Colors At Oregon’s Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm

Last Updated on September 11, 2016

We’ve been to tulip festivals before, but never any as big as the 40 acre Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Festival in Woodburn, Oregon. Yes, you read that right. 40 acres of tulips upon tulips, a myriad of magical and vibrant colours as far as the eye can see. There were so many varieties, species and colors of tulips. We were so lucky to be traveling through during the peak and most picturesque time for the tulips.

Avoid the crowds by getting there when it opens. The festival gets busy fast, but with 40 acres, there was still plenty of opportunity to wander the tulip fields with plenty of space and ability to snap your desired photos in peace. It truly was a photographer’s and flower lover’s dream.

We were blessed with an overcast day turning beautiful, but Mt. Hood still remained hidden during our visit. That’s okay though because we were treated to many, many views of Mt. Hood as we road tripped around other areas of Oregon the few days prior.

We loved that we were able to carefully walk between the tulip rows; something we were never able to do at other tulip festivals. It really added to the atmosphere of being surrounded by so many tulips and created a stunning setting to capture beautiful photographs:







Walking between so many tulips is magical



Always looking for ways to have a laugh
Creating amazing moments
I fell in love with these tulips – stunning!




Entrance was $5 per person (no additional parking fee), providing rather cheap entertainment for the whole family. Both of our girls are still under three, so they were even free. We avoided a lot of the kids play area as the cost would have added up very fast, but Madison sure loved the pony ride and we found it lasted a good amount of time and was $5 well spent; the ponies must have done a dozen laps.




Where did you find the best tulip festival? What other festivals do you love?