Monkey Around In South Africa

Last Updated on May 5, 2022

Monkeyland is the worlds first free roaming multi-specie primate sanctuary.

Monkeyland has as one of its aims, to create awareness about the plight of primates and to show that with a greater understanding of our primate cousins, that we can all live in harmony.

Squirrel Monkey

It was great to get close to quite a variety of monkeys. We were not sure what to expect at this sanctuary but it was a wonderful experience.

Our guide was very informative during the hour-long tour about the different monkey species and you have great opportunities to get close to them for photo opportunities. We were very happy with some of the photos we took! Our group was small enough that people were not getting in the way of others taking photos.

Snack Time!
Hands Just Like Ours!

Monkeyland was established as a sanctuary for mistreated or unwanted primates. It was amazing to see what the owners have accomplished at Monkeyland. The primates honestly do appear to be truly content and we felt like their welfare was of the utmost importance to those who care for them.

The monkeys seemed to be able to lead a reasonably natural life in their forest enclosure and were obviously better off than if they were in a zoo or a pet at home.

Spider Monkey

While it was hard to see a few monkeys in a cage (the rest roaming free), our guide made sure we understood why the monkeys were separated. The caged monkeys were in rehabilitation, but did seem to have a large enough area to roam around while healing.


Over 450 primates free-roam the Monkeyland’s forest. The monkeys are content to watch us pass by, and out of respect for the monkeys and the efforts to keep it a natural environment, contact between the primates and humans is not allowed.

The longest and highest suspension bridge in the southern hemisphere.

Many people on our tour were nervous to cross the suspension bridge. It felt like you were walking over sticks that could break at any moment if you are not careful. Apparently, they are strong but flexible sticks that can withstand a lot of pressure.

Surprisingly strong sticks
Vervet Monkey & Baby

It was incredible to see the ability the baby had to hold onto its mother as they jumped from tree to tree and branch to branch.

Hooded Capuchin Monkey  – Most Exploited For The Pet Trade

Monkeyland is not difficult to find, there is great signage along the N2 that easily guides you there. It is also in a great location right beside Birds Of Prey and a couple minutes from Tenikwa, where we walked with cheetahs and did a wild cat exploration walk.

It was fascinating to see our own behavior reflected in the ways of the monkeys.

What has been your closest encounter with a monkey?