Our Favourite Photos From Our Last Trip To Disneyland

Last Updated on March 5, 2020

Disneyland is a magical place. As soon as you walk through those gates, you feel like a kid again, and that feeling is one of the best feelings in the world. All your cares fade away and you’re faced with fun beyond fun. It’s especially enjoyable to see Disney through the eyes of our kids now, and how they have reacted differently to each aspect of the Disney experience through each of our trips there, as they grow and start to understand more.

While we prefer the main Disneyland park for most of our entertainment with there being so much more to see and do that we enjoy, California Adventure does have some great rides though, so we can never visit just one park.

Take a look at some of Our Favourite Photos From Our Last Trip To Disneyland below. We are positive you will see that we are a huge Disney loving family, and proud of it!
Goofy’s Kitchen was such a fun experience. There was such a huge and impressive selection of food at the buffet and the characters were all a ton of fun.
We love having a family photo in front of the castle. The castle is always so magical and it was especially magical this time, all decorated for the holidays.
The castle at night is absolutely enchanting. Unfortunately, the night we had set aside for the fireworks, they were actually cancelled! That was a letdown, but the castle still was so magical.
Belle is our absolute favourite princess. Seeing the Beast come out to play too was so cool!
The parade was very well done and it was really cool to see Santa doing sign language throughout his ride. We were super impressed.
We caught Goofy in a bit of an awkward moment. It was way too funny when we looked back and saw this shot…
Check out those decorations on the castle — stunning!
Dumbo is such a classic ride. We absolutely love it.
It was so precious seeing the girls so excited for the airplane.
Teacups are always fun — both our girls asked to go on again and again!
The girls are so excited about my growing baby belly. They always have to lift up my shirt to “kiss the baby” — it is so sweet.
Disneyland was hard work for baby Rapunzel.
Sadie with birthday girl and “Beach Mama” (Grandma).
Love this one of Sadie and one of her favourite cousins.
The girls weren’t in their Belle dresses the day we were able to meet Belle, but she is our favourite princess!
The Christmas tree decorations were gorgeous!
Disneyland at night all dressed up for the holidays.
Disneyland at night all dressed up for the holidays.
Can’t decide if the tea cups are more fun during the day, or at night.
The California Adventure water show was as impressive as always.
Cousins having fun with each other at dinner one night.
Cars Land all dressed up for the holidays.
Cars Land all dressed up for the holidays.
The Christmas decor was unreal and the parade was a ton of fun to watch.
Seeing the Disney characters all dressed up for the holidays was a fun change from the summer outfits we are used to seeing.


We loved seeing Disneyland and California Adventure all dressed up for the holidays. Have you seen Disneyland in a different season, other than during the summer? What did you think? What is your favourite time of year for Disney?