Our Least Favourite Disney World Park Was ….

Last Updated on April 30, 2021

Our least favorite Disney World Park was Epcot. There, I said it. We found a Disney Park that we did not really like, or could not figure out how to fully appreciate it. We know several people who love Epcot and go for the experience of all the food and drinks, but with three little kids, that just did not impress us much. We felt like there were a couple of good attractions and the rest just felt like it was missing something. The theming of all the different countries was fun to see, and Canada even was able to represent –yay!– but when we go to Disney, we want thrilling rides and attractions to experience. We spent one day in Epcot and that was more than enough time for us; I’m not sure we would venture back next time either. Epcot is definitely more suited to a foodie wanting to try a variety of different foods and drinks of the world. If you are more into rides and need to make a decision about which parks to spend your time in, Epcot would be the one for you to skip.

One of the highlights of Epcot for us though was Turtle Talk With Crush. It is an interactive show with Crush, the Sea Turtle from the Nemo movie. He talks to the audience and picks random children (and some adults) to ask questions to. It is too funny! Madison was in her element and so happy when Crush picked her to be one of the first for questions. Outside the show was a tank with a stingray in it that was super active and putting on quite a show for the kids. It was also neat to see some characters that we had not yet, such as Wreck It Ralph and Mexican Donald. A highlight for the girls was going on the Frozen ride and meeting Anna and Elsa. The girls still talk about meeting up with Anna and Elsa for a sister’s picnic; both Anna and Elsa were fantastic with the kids.

We still enjoyed ourselves, and are glad we went because you never know what you’re going to think until you experience it for yourself!

Take a look at some of the highlights from our day at Epcot:

Family photo at Epcot

Family photo with Pluto at Epcot

Epcot at Disney World

Epcot at Disney World

Epcot at Disney World

Gondolas at Epcot at Disney World
This made us want to go back to Venice.

Epcot at Disney World

Epcot at Disney World

Canada at Epcot at Disney World
Canada represent!
Girls taking a break at Epcot
We always bring some snacks into the park — sure helps to save some unnecessary spending!
Sting Ray at Epcot at Disney World
This was a super cool stingray — really put on a show for all the kids.
Epcot at Disney World
Epcot sure looks pretty all lit up at night

Epcot at Disney World

Daisy at Epcot at Disney World

Donald Duck at Epcot at Disney World

Princess Anna at Epcot

Frozen ride at Epcot

Elsa at Epcot

Wreck It Ralph at Epcot


What is your favourite Disney World Park? What is your least favourite?