Photo Essay: 30 Photos From Wandering The Streets Of New York

Last Updated on November 8, 2020

NYC is a busy, fascinating place. It is a huge, bustling city overflowing with culture and diversity. We loved wandering the streets of New York and experiencing the creative energy that NYC brings. Since we only had ten month old Jacob with us on this trip, and were able to use the baby carrier, we found a lot of freedom being able to keep up a fast pace. We certainly are blessed Jacob is such a chill baby. With 30,000 step days, we sure saw a lot! Though we did take public transportation when we wanted to save some time, we enjoyed all the walking we did and all the extra sights we were able to see because of it.


Here are some of our favourite photos from wandering the streets of New York: 
Streets Of New York
View outside of Madison Square Garden
Streets Of New York
TV shows have made this scream NYC to us
Beautiful flowers in NYC
Spring has sprung in NYC
Lovely blooms along the Streets Of New York
Spring is in full bloom
Streets Of New York
How cool is that building?
Streets Of New York
This is how we imagined a NYC house. Cute!
Streets Of New York
Steps right out onto the sidewalk
Streets Of New York
We are huge fans of “Friends” – this is the apartment building shown in the beginning of the show
Another cute building
Washington Square, NYC
Washington Square – So many students were there that day for a peaceful protest against guns
NYC subways are an interesting place…
A train passes by as a guy shows his skills on his saxophone. He was amazing!
Impressive detail inside, but I was still hoping for books, books and more books covering the walls. Even in this day and age, that would be a fun sight.
Detail. Detail. Detail.
Grand Central Terminal
Fun perspective of outside the terminal
Taking a look inside the terminal – Always remember to look up!
People going about their day- taken from a railing
NYC's iconic plaza hotel
The Iconic Plaza Hotel – Really brings us back to our childhood and watching Home Alone!
NYC's iconic plaza hotel
The Iconic Plaza Hotel – Make sure you take a step inside — it is gorgeous!
Streets Of New York
Beautiful blossoms
Streets Of New York
Loved all those flags, and flowers!
Streets Of New York
Loved how the neon reflected in this!
Does this give anyone else Ninja Turtle vibes?
New York Stock Exchange
Brooklyn Bridge
Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge details
Beautiful flowers in NYC
Spring had sprung everywhere we looked
Exploring central park in NYC
Taking in the Central Park atmosphere
Streets Of New York, DUMBO
The classic Manhattan Bridge spot from DUMBO.


New York is a great whirlwind of experiences. Visit with a sense of adventure and you are sure to enjoy the journey.


What are some of your favourite sights around NYC, or what would you want to see?