Photo Essay: Disneyland’s Christmas Fantasy Parade

Last Updated on March 5, 2020

We’ve previously only managed to get to Disneyland during the summer months and have always dreamt about seeing it all decorated for Christmas. For Darcy’s Mom’s 60th Birthday at the beginning of January, 18 of us went for a huge birthday celebration and we were able to catch the last few days of Disneyland decorated for the holidays. It was as magical as you can imagine it would be, as well as a ton of fun to have the whole family there!

Take a look at how great the Christmas Fantasy Parade was. The parade alone will make you want to visit Disneyland for the holidays! 

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disneychristmasparade19disneychristmasparade20disneychristmasparade16 disneychristmasparade17 disneychristmasparade18


Have you ever visited Disney for the holidays? What was your favourite part?