Photo Essay: Disney’s “World Of Color” Brings A New Era In Nighttime Spectacular Shows

Last Updated on March 17, 2016


World Of Color is a fantastic new show that is featured within Disney’s California Adventure Park. The name “World of Color” is inspired by the iconic Disney TV Program and also features the theme song within its soundtrack. In 1961, if you were lucky enough to own a color TV, you would gather around on Sunday evenings to watch Tinker Bell spray splashes of colorful pixie dust at the start of Walt Disney’s “Wonderful World of Color”. Disney takes this idea to new technological levels of our time and ups the ante in spectacular nighttime shows.

Imagine the water show at the Bellagio in Vegas, but infuse it with dramatic color and a selection of your favorite scenes from Disney and Pixar movies. It leaves you with a big smile, feeling like you have been dusted all over with pixie dust.

If you thought the water show in Vegas was cool, the scale of the Disney presentation is absolutely massive in comparison. There are 1200 fountains that cover 120 yards over Paradise Bay and shoot water up to 200 feet high. The backdrop for the film clips is 380 feet wide and 50 feet tall. Then, there’s fire canons and lasers added in for additional effects of heat, light and intense colors.

The only downfall of the show is the lack of good viewing. If you arrive super early you may get a decent spot, but if you are not right up front you will not get a view of it all and will miss some of the magic.

Perhaps it is not as magical as watching the fireworks erupt over Sleeping Beauty’s castle in the actual Disneyland Park, but it does leave quite the impression:



One of Debbie’s favourites – The Little Mermaid
One of Debbie’s favourites – The Little Mermaid
One of Debbie’s favourites – Aladdin






One of Debbie’s favourites – Beauty & The Beast

What you should know:

  • Some of the scenes can seem pretty huge and may scare very young children.
  • The pyrotechnics are quite hot, even from a distance you can feel the heat. You will also feel at least a mist, if not more, from the water – even from quite a distance.
  • Fastpasses get you into a special viewing area. A limited amount are distributed early in the day near the Grizzly River Run for shows that evening.
  • Guests can also reserve a viewing spot by purchasing a dinner/show package
  • The show can be seen from other (non-reserved) spots, but they do not offer the best viewing.


What were your thoughts about “World Of Color”?