Photo Essay: Hamburg, Germany

Last Updated on September 5, 2015

Hamburg, is the second largest city in Germany and is a major transport hub in Northern Germany. During World War II, Hamburg suffered a series of Allied air raids, which devastated much of the inhabited city as well as harbor areas.

There are over 2300 bridges in Hamburg – more than London, Amsterdam and Venice combined. Hamburg also has more bridges inside its city limits than any other city in the world, as well as more canals than Amsterdam and Venice combined.

At the Port of Hamburg each year about 12,000 ships exchange goods. The harbor is located 110 kilometers from the mouth of the Elbe into the North Sea and is known as the “Gateway To Germany” because it is Germany`s largest port and its major industrial city.

We especially loved hamburg because:

  • Walking and biking are such a huge part of the culture.
  • Being next to water always leaves the idea of freedom on the horizon lingering. We love cities by the water.
  • The architecture is stunning, especially the St. Nikolai Memorial.
  • The huge ships and transportation containers from all of the world make you feel like you can travel anywhere from Hamburg and really get the travel romance blooming.

Though Hamburg is Germany’s largest city, the amount of visitors still pale in comparison to that of other German cities such as Berlin and Munch. As much as we fell in love with Berlin and Munich, we feel like Hamburg should be included in your travel list. Hamburg goes beyond pretzels and beer gardens in Munich and the edginess you feel when exploring Berlin. Hamburg seems to take every cliche of what Germany is supposed to be and shows you something different- it is a city without beer steins and Lederhosen everywhere.  A city that mixes multiple cultures and really made us curious to explore.

Take a photo tour around Hamburg:

Hamburg City Hall
Hamburg City Hall
Hamburg City Hall



Hamburg City Hall



Brooks Bridge Crossing Into Speicherstadt




St. Nikolai Memorial

Have you ever been to Hamburg? What were some of your favorite features of the city?