Making Memories at Laguna Beach

Last Updated on September 11, 2016

Laguna Beach is a seaside resort city located in southern Orange County, California. Laguna Beach was one of our favourite stops on our last trip to California nine years ago, when we last ventured away from Disneyland.

We gave ourselves a bit of a beach tour on Mother’s Day and Laguna Beach was a great choice. It was a busy day, since it was Mother’s Day after all, but there was still plenty of space to set up and enjoy some sun and sand. We were nervous at first as the day started out cloudy, but by the time lunchtime hit, the clouds parted and we were blessed with a great day at the beach.

It was funny, too, because as we rolled the stroller down the boardwalk by the sand and lifted it down the stairs to our chosen beach spot, I stopped and looked around and had a total deja vu. We set up in the exact same place we had chosen years ago, when we were boogie boarding 20-somethings. I realized then just how much had changed in those years and it made me very humble and thankful that we were able to give our girls the new version of the experience we had.

Overhead a helicopter was circling and on its last time overhead before taking off, the pilot came over a microphone and wished all Mom’s a Happy Mother’s Day, and told us to enjoy the beach. It was that cute gesture that really made the day great.

I absolutely love the feeling of putting my toes into the sand with that first step onto the beach.  That feeling somehow has the ability to erase everything else in my mind and focus on the new task at  hand, relaxing and having fun with the girls on the beach. Madison couldn’t get enough of getting buried in the sand, and Sadie couldn’t eat enough of it for her liking. The water was a little cold in May to really go swimming, but after digging in the sand for a while, we would take a break to go dip our feet and legs in the water, letting the water rush over them with each wave crashing against the shore.

We loved that just a few sandal shuffles away from the beach was a quaint downtown lined with cozy restaurants,  shops, boutiques and art galleries. There’s plenty to do, eat, and see. It was nice after the girls were tuckered to go get a slice of pizza and explore some of the shops.

Take a look at some of the fun we had: 

Sadie couldn’t eat enough sand…
Enjoying the tasty sand
Being in the sand is so much fun!
Loved seeing all the beach volleyball!
By the time lunchtime came around, the beach was packed.
There were a lot of people, but also still a lot of beach space, when we arrived
Beautiful beach
Much fun being had!



What do you love most about the beach? Where have you found some of your favourite beaches?