Skookumchuck Narrows: One Of The Coolest Phenomenon You’ll Find In BC

Last Updated on November 10, 2020

While we were staying at the Backeddy Resort in Egmont, on British Columbia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast, we wanted to be able to witness one of the coolest phenomenon you’ll find in BC; the mighty Sechelt Rapids. “Skookumchuck,” derived from Chinook First Nations vernacular, means “strong water.” At Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park, “strong water” is quite an understatement. The Skookumchuck Narrows spectacle is one of the great whitewater wonders of the world, and it attracts thrill-seekers from across the globe.

Hike Length

With our little kids along, it took us about an hour to hike the 4km to the viewpoint. The trail was well maintained and an easy trail with little elevation gain. You do have to watch your footing at points though, because of rocks or tree roots.

Why All The Fuss?

Twice each day as the tide changes, an incredible torrent of water pours through the narrows between the Georgia Strait and the Jervis Inlet. From North Point we were able to witness an interesting tidal view on the ebb tide of whirlpools and tidal pool activity. At a flood tide, choose Roland Point to see the standing wave, and possibly advanced surfers and kayakers out battling the waters for a thrill. Roland Point is where you want to go for a close-up view of the rapids. You’ll be right on top of the rapids. However, if you have little kids with you, remember the unpredictability and power of the current. With young kids, we suggest you do what we did and go to the other viewpoint, North Point.

It was neat to see the rushing water forming whirlpools. It looked like a hole was opening within the water and forming a tornado in the water. It was wonderful and humbling to witness Mother Nature’s power. There can be a difference in water levels by 9 feet in height, between one side of the rapids and the other while 200 billion gallons of water flow through.

Check The Tides

Check the tides timing before you go so you are there to see the viewpoint you want to see. It’s a gorgeous hike, but you wouldn’t want to miss the main event. You’ll want to download and print the Skookumchuck Best Viewing Times Tides Brochure (Updated for 2020). There is  a half-hour window on around the “Best Viewing” times.

Take a look at the beauty and power of Mother Nature that you’ll want to witness for yourself:


Skookumchuck Narrows

Skookumchuck Narrows
Nature really is the best playground. Love spending time outdoors with the kids.
Skookumchuck Narrows
The trail was no problem — it was very well developed and had little elevation change.


Nature sure is good for the soul.


Having fun with the “rougher parts” of the trail
It was such a lovely walk through the forest. So much green!
Skookumchuck Narrows
There is no messing with Mother Nature!

Skookumchuck Narrows

Skookumchuck Narrows
What a powerful part of Mother Nature to witness


Where have you witnessed Mother Nature do something incredible?