Photo Essay: Our Trip To Disneyland

Last Updated on April 29, 2021

Disneyland is one of our happy places. It isn’t called “the happiest place on earth” for no reason. We love escaping for a few days to relax and have some fun being kids again. When a mistake fare popped up from YVR to LAX for only $65 roundtrip per person, it was way too good of a deal to pass up. Add in using our credit card points for free hotel nights, we snatched it up right away and then the temptation set in…


To Disney, or not to Disney? We just couldn’t resist. And, are we ever glad we chose to go.


It was a lot more work with two small ones, but seeing their reactions and excitement made some amazing memories. Plus, they were so stimulated that we had a good couple hours each day to go on the few rides that they couldn’t go on, while they napped in the stroller. Naps are something Madison has pretty much given up now, so it was nice to be treated to some “peace and quiet” as we took turns riding on some of our favourites, like Indiana Jones and Splash Mountain.

Sadie was a couple months younger than Madison was for her first Disney trip, but she still did so well with all the characters, though she wasn’t trying to make-out with them like Madison had. Madison could barely control her excitement when we pulled out a Belle dress for her to wear. Cinderella taught Madison how to curtsy after she spins and Madison could barely wait to meet her to most favourite, Belle and Ariel.


Take a look at some of the fun moments and memories we were able to capture:


Happy family in front of the castle.
Dumbo is one of those great, classic rides!
Snow White was probably the one princess Madison didn’t seem thrilled over. She walked up to her, turned around, grudgingly said “cheese” and walked away.
Ariel got so many hugs – Ariel is one of Madison’s favourites.
Madison had the most fun with Cinderella, twirling and curtsying!
Cinderella was fabulous. Both girls couldn’t get enough!
Belle is favorite princess #1. Belle is my favourite, so I naturally try to convince the girls she should be their #1 too!
Madison was so thrilled to meet “Blue Belle” and show her that she was “Yellow Belle”. She still talks about meeting Belle nearly a month after the trip.
A door fit for little girls, but Madison wasn’t too impressed that it wouldn’t open.
Running to give Pooh and Tigger big hugs.
So many special Disney treats to pick from.
That looks like a pretty tasty treat.
With that messy face, it must be delicious!
I love seeing the balloons all around Disneyland – How cute are these ones?
We might have had the most fun on this ride as a family – tons of laughs were had!
Tea Cups ended up being a real favourite – loved seeing all of Madison’s expressions.
Love how we all fit in a teacup to be able to experience it together.
The ducks had an escort to the Castle, or so we were told that is where they were headed.
Doesn’t get any better than riding on Daddy’s shoulders.
Touch the apple and the Evil Queen will appear in the window with an evil laugh.
All decked out as Belle, ears and all!
Even Darcy had to try on the Belle ears – he’s such a fun guy!
The characters we never seemed to be able to catch – finally caught up with them. Madison had to ask Aladdin where Abu was and was told he was with his friends in the jungle.
One of the most amazing features at Disneyland for parents. There’s small kid sized potties, a change area, a nursing area, and more.
We were at Disneyland for May 4th. We’re huge Star Wars fans, so that was kind of a big deal.
Loved seeing all the Star Wars displays – we LOVE Star Wars!
This is a ride you either totally love, or totally hate. Both girls were of course mesmerized. It’s tradition- we have to ride it at least once!
The song may get annoying, but the displays are gorgeous. It’s a classic!
The house of Minnie Mouse.
Having tea in Minnie’s house.
Mickey… or wait, Minnie ears, on the book!
Disneyland is so magical at night when the castle is lit.
Just beautiful!
The fireworks are nothing short of spectacular.
It even started to “snow” during Frozen’s “Let It Go”.
Peter Pan’s Flight – What a classic!
We always have to mail postcards from Disneyland. The mailboxes are emptied and they mail them for you, but finding stamps can be a bit tricky. Make sure your hotel sells stamps, or find somewhere to get some. I find it a pain to find some, so it can be easiest to buy some before hand. We’re in Canada, but hopping across the line for stamps before the trip can sure make life a lot easier.
Sadie didn’t want to wake up, so we started taking photos…
…and then Sadie decided that she couldn’t miss out.
All smiles from getting tickles from Chip… or Dale? I never can tell the difference.
Minnie Mouse!
Minnie Mouse is a classic character favourite!
Goofy sure had fun goofing around for all his photos.
Kylo Ren was a super cool experience. We were even thanked for bringing such young recruits.
Mickey Mouse, in his house. Or, “Disney Mouse” as Madison insists on calling him!
Time for giggles with Minnie – Everyone loves Minnie Mouse.
Darcy can talk “Shyriiwook” and it was funny to hear Chewbacca and Darcy exchange a conversation making the “Wookie noise”.
If you go on some rides during the fireworks, you may actually end up alone. Completely alone. Such a cool and creepy experience.
Madison had to put on “pretties” before Disneyland each morning.
The mastermind behind it all, and the mouse it all started with.
60 Years – What a celebration!
Sadie admiring Darcy – such a sweet capture.
Nothing beats a Dole Whip. Our favourite Disney snack.
The decor around Disney is always so perfectly executed.
Pirates – one of our favourite rides. The girls loved it too, especially Madison when we went down the little drops in the water.
Madison so excited for the Light The Night Parade. And, one of my favourite photos from the trip.


We absolutely love Disney and it is so much fun now that we have some kids to bring along for all the fun. Disneyland is still fun without kids, but seeing it all through their eyes adds even more magic to the Disney journey. We can’t wait to go back when the kids are even older and we get to experience Disney again, from yet another viewpoint of our children.


Do you love Disney? What is the youngest age you’ll take your kids?