Photo Essay: Photos From Exploring The Streets Of Paris

Last Updated on October 20, 2015

Paris is a beautiful city. We loved exploring it in all its beauty, and even in all of its tourist attractions. It is a very architecturally pleasing city and we found it fairly easy to get around and figure out what we had to do to get to where we wanted to go. Central Paris seemed to have many areas that were charming and pedestrian-friendly, each area unique from the next.

Wether it was a beautiful and romantic walk along the banks of the Seine, having wine and cheese under the Eiffel Tower, exploring the many landmarks of Paris, or soaking up the art, culture and fashion of the city, every moment was magical. Paris truly was a romantic place and we quickly learned to appreciate it for all that it was — and wasn’t. We loved that there was so much more to Paris than we would ever be able to see; during our time in Paris we had barely begun to scratch the surface.

And, the language. Neither of us loved French in high school, but it was fascinating to hear the conversations of others and being able to piece the words together into something that may or may not resemble what was actually meant.

Enjoy some photos of our wanderings around Paris, including some select pages from our scrapbook (as we have sadly misplaced many of our digital images from this trip):

paris1 paris2

The Eiffel Tower was so beautiful when it sparkled at night
Notre Dame de Paris
Being big Disney fans, we had to see what Disney Paris was like
The Catacombs were eerie, yet fascinating.
There were interesting adverts all around

paris3   paris6 paris7    paris12 paris13 paris14 paris17 paris18 paris19 paris20  paris22paris21paris24paris23paris26paris25  paris27 paris28


What do you love most about Paris? If you weren’t a fan of Paris, why not?